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Skimboarder Brad Domke signs on with Gooch Apparel

Brad Domke, Nazaré © Pedro Miranda via Gooch apparel/Mark Hartman



Team Updates

Domke has blown up online, skimming into giant waves around the world

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 November, 2015 - After a three month “test drive” and following a new world record breaking achievement at Nazaré, Portugal, the up-and-coming fashion forward, Beach/Urban Brand, Gooch Apparel is stoked to announce that they have signed the multi-board sport, uber-talented Brad Domke to a multi-year apparel sponsorship contract.  

The announcement of this “partnership” means that Brad Domke now becomes the Official “Gooch” Global Brand Ambassador;  effectively ending months of speculation as to where Mr. Domke would land in the “sponsorship universe”.  

“Gooch is super stoked to welcome an incredibly gifted and transcendent athlete, as well as an awesome person to the family. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Brad!” -Jesse Westgaard; Gooch Co-Founder.

Domke, a pro surfer and top competitive skimboarder from Wabasso Beach, Florida has risen to global fame and internet acclaim after towing into and successfully riding a massive wave at the infamous Mexican Pipeline (Puerto Escondido) during a giant Southern-Hemi swell in August of 2014.

The wave itself would have been impressive on any standard tow-in (or paddle-in) surfboard, but this wave was ridden on Domke’s board of choice; his Exile Skimboard. The successful navigation of this behemoth of a wave, on nothing more than a thin, round piece of fiberglass (without fins); usually assigned to riding the shore pound, catapulted the normally unassuming Skimboarder into the virtual stratosphere with millions of views on YouTube and landed him a Top 5 spot in the finals of the WSL Big Wave Awards for  the 2015 ‘Wave of the Year’. Domke was by far, the over-all fan favorite to take top honors.

The erstwhile “Big Wave” skimboarder and YouTube/Internet sensation has since gone on to blow minds while checking off what many traditional big wave riders might consider to be the marquee Big Wave Spots, on their “Bucket Lists” around the globe… Western Australia’s ‘The Right’ and ‘Cyclops’, Tahiti’s Teahupoo and just recently, the famed Nazaré in Portugal; all ridden at respectable size on a finless disc (his trusty Exile Skimboard). Jaws and Mavs, along with a “number” of other far flung slabs, remain on his “To Do List”.

Oh there have been both the bedazzled along with the haters. There will always be some dissent, when someone draws new lines or rides unconventional equipment. But there is no denying one thing, as recently stated; “As far as we can tell, no one else is capable of doing this. If they could, they would. As it stands, Domke's the only person submitting skimboard videos into the (WSL) XXL Big-Wave Awards.” 

Haters aside; Domke’s fans and Instagram followers (@brad_domke) include the likes of 11X World Surfing Champ Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk, Jamie O’Brien and 3X World Champ Tom Curren – to name just a few “lightweights” from the “Action Sports” & “Surfing” world. Open minded, Tom Curren has been experimenting with one of Brad’s Skimboards after Brad gave him one in Mexico, last summer.

Call him what you like, “surf star”, “super freak”, “skim surfer”, he’ll likely answer to any of the above. He doesn’t really care much about labels. But one thing’s for certain, whether on his trusty Exile Skim or a traditional surfboard with fins (yes, he rips on standard equipment too!); Mr. Domke is not going away any time soon. "We have been watching this aquanaut stomp around for a few years now. Fearless, talented, young and down to charge. A good human as well, that's very important to us. To be ‘Gooch’ at all times. Welcome to the ‘Gooch Life’ Brad"; -‘Butch’ McIntosh; Gooch Co-Founder

Why does he do it? For the shear stoke and love of riding waves; of surfing, yes, “surfing” big, majestic, waves of consequence on the most minimalist of equipment – a thin, round fiberglass disc; sans fins. Brad summarizes; “When the opportunity to surf a big wave comes, you have to believe you can do it, be ready and most of all, be smart. Although I love to surf on a standard 3 finned surfboard, as a professional Skimboarder, I also love to challenge myself, challenge the norms and break new boundaries. For this, I trust my Exile Skimboard for each of those rides.”

 “So stoked to announce I’ve joined the ‘Gooch Army’! I look forward to repping the ‘Gooch Vibe’ wherever I go, Yew!” - Brad Domke, Global Brand Ambassador, Team ‘Gooch’.

Watch for Brad Domke’s new Reality Series; ‘The Brad Domke Project’ to make the TV & global Internet rounds later this year. Produced by H. Daniel Films, for the same Network that features shows for Gabriel Medina and John John Florence; Global SAT TV, Channel OFF (CANAL OFF), Brazil.

In addition to Gooch Apparel, Brad Domke is proud to support Exile Skimboards, Nectar Eyewear and Freak Traction. On-going sponsorship discussions continue with other categories. 

Mark Hartman

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