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SoCal Surf Park Plans: Desert waves that aren't in Namibia



Surf Parks

Coachella could host a new recreation park that includes a Wavegarden

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 March, 2017 - It was announced recently that Southern California’s inland desert, an area home to the Coachella music festival, could be hosting a new wave pool.

Honokea Surf Villages and Resorts told the Desert Sun newspaper that Indio could be the next location for a recreation facility that would include a BMX track, skate park and more. The centre piece of the development would be a surf lagoon.

Matteson Capital, the group behind the funding is working with Quiksilver Hotels and Resorts and have presented plans to the city of Indio. Matteson will present a second set of plans in April and there will be more information at that time.

There was no confirmation from Honokea on the park’s progress but they did say, somewhat cryptically via their Facebook page that “After over two years of hard work, we are stoked to share a glimpse into what we've been up to! More details coming soon..”

Should the plan go ahead it’s speculated that Honokea would utilise new technology. Right now the standard Wavegarden pool design is in use at both Surf Snowdonia and NLand Surf Park, a machine that generates a peeling left and righthand wave. But Wavegarden has announced a new design technology referred to as "The ‘Cove”.

The Cove design is capable of a variety of wave types that can hit 6 feet in height and roll through every 8 seconds.  There is one in the planning stages for Melbourne Australia.

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