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Soloshot releases upgrade in robot-based self-filming device

Meet your personal cameraman SOLOSHOT2 © Solo Shot, Inc.



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Soloshot Inc. releases updated robot-based camera

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 January, 2014 -- Soloshot Inc, the leader in personal robot cameraman devices, today announced from CES the launch of their newest product, SOLOSHOT2. The new device continues to provide the industry’s only true platform for athletes, trainers, parents and filmmakers to automatically film themselves or their subjects from up to 2,000 feet away.

SOLOSHOT2 captures the true spectator’s view as if the subject had their own dedicated professional cameraman tracking their every move -- not only providing the perfect compliment to the action camera angle, but also taking the selfie to a whole new level. SOLOSHOT2 is currently offered at a CES special pre-order price of $399.00.

SOLOSHOT2 includes all the new features fans and editors have requested including vertical tracking, camera control accessories for automatic zooming and start/pause recording, a smaller lighter transmitter and compatibility with 3rd party professional tripods.

The original SOLOSHOT product, which launched in 2012, solved a problem that has existed since cameras were invented: how to be in the moment and capture it at the same time. The solution was SOLOSHOT, a two-part system consisting of a transmitter worn by the subject and a motorized base, which automatically rotates to keep whatever camera is attached pointed towards the transmitter.

Two years of solid customer feedback, technological advances and intense internal development has resulted in the SOLOSHOT2 platform, the breakthrough capabilities of which are listed on the website.

Today, SOLOSHOT is available in hundreds of stores around the world and has been used to film everything from rugby in London, to soccer practice in New York and surf sessions around the world.

SOLOSHOT and SOLOSHOT2 are both designed and manufactured in the USA by the same core team that started the company.

For more information or to purchase, visit the SOLOSHOT website.

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