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Meet the shark spotter crew of Cape Town




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South African Shark Spotters Keep Surfers Corner Safe

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 August, 2014 - A warning of the potential dangers at sea, Surfers Corner in Cape Town is one of the most popular surfing spots in the city, attracting experience levels of all kinds. However, beach users there have to share the coastline with another ominous resident, one known for its sometimes fierce reputation: great white sharks.

Great whites are plentiful in False Bay and potential encounters can be so dangerous that beach users have to be watched over by a dedicated team of shark spotters who keep a close eye over them.

“We have guys positioned on the mountains and they have polarizing sunglasses and binoculars,they look for the sharks and when they see the sharks they radio to their spotter on the beach who’ll call everybody out of the water,so we reducing shark risk by removing people from the water when sharks are in the area.” – Sarah Waries, Project Manager of Shark Spotters

Equipped with the knowledge on shark behavior and the beady eyes required to spot the animals in the surf, a pair monitor for any activity deemed unsafe. However, shark spotting is not an exact science. It was just a month ago that a surfer was lucky to survive after an attack by a great white.

The attack was largely as a result of bad spotting conditions and the distance the surfer was to the spotters, but its an ordeal that has nonetheless shaken up some. However, incidents like this are isolated and draw the spotlight on just how important the program is saving countless lives and continuing to keep beach users safe.

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