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South Africa's uSkaka Sea World encourages recycling efforts

Arenea Sleeman, uShaka Sea World Animal Behaviourist & Jula the dolphin



Environment Updates

uSkaka Sea World educates fans on World Oceans Day

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 June, 2014 - On Sunday, June 8th countries all over the world will be celebrating World Oceans Day the highlight crucial role the sea plays as a source of food and oxygen. This year the theme is “Together we have the power to protect the Ocean”.

uShaka Sea World is encouraging South African citizens to celebrate the oceans and it’s importance in our lives by creating a Sea Change Campaign and encouraging visitors to see the marine world with fresh eyes.

During recent studies along the KZN ocean coast from Scottburgh to Richards Bay scientists at the Oceanographic Research Institute, based at uShaka Marine World found large volumes of plastic debris in various sizes stretching for kilometres. 

It takes 50 years for a polystyrene cup, 200 years for an aluminium can and 450 years for a disposable nappy and plastic soft drink bottle to break down in the ocean.

Plastic cannot decompose or fully disintegrate and merely breaks down into smaller pieces (micro plastic). Plastic bottles and polystyrene made up the bulk of the visible marine debris found which was most disturbing as both these items can be efficiently recycled in South Africa.

uShaka Sea World’s message in the dolphin show is strongly focused on litter belonging in the bins.  This message is clearly and effectively delivered when one of the dolphins tosses a litter container into one of the recycling bins on stage. 

Plastic pollution is detrimental to marine mammals and poses the single greatest threat to them besides the depletion of fish stocks.  Citizens of 2014 can stop contributing towards ocean pollution simply by disposing of plastic and other litter responsibly.  It’s easy and simple to become an ocean ambassador

Imagining life without plastic is very difficult as plastic has become an integral part of almost every aspect of our lives.  We need to treasure and look after the plastic that enables us to live our lives, and avoid single use plastic as much as possible.

Find out where your nearest recycling station  - reducing, reusing and recycling is a way of life which is easily sustainable.

Visitors to uShaka Marine World on Sunday 8th June will be encouraged to make an Ocean Promise and commit to reducing the harmful effects of ocean pollution.






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