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South New England kicks off ESA Summer season

Noah Gartner © ESA

ESA Summer Season

Eastern Surfing Association
2nd Beach & Nantucket, Rhode Island, USA
25 - 26 July 2015

ESA Contest Season Takes Off at 2nd Beach and Nantucket

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 July, 2015 - South New England District competitors blasted through three events during the past two weeks, and there was surf for all of them. The weather held out for all three contests, with hot summer skies and glassy waist high surf.

The summer season kicked off with round #1 at 2nd Beach with some of that famous seaweed in the line-up. Waves broke outside and surfers could work the reforms into the beach for some big points. The outstanding performance went to Narragansett’s Noah Gartner, who was unstoppable in both the short and longboard events.  Noah pulled off some great acrobatic nose rides to top the rest of the field in the highly competitive Menehune Longboard division. He managed to pick off the best-formed right peak in the Open Shortboard final, to top his sister for the win.

Round #2 offered the same clean and ridable conditions, with seaweed free waves for the entire day. It was the diminutive Braydon Bennett who dazzled the judges with his uncanny wave selection and ability to work the inside sections. Braydon won three events, taking the Menehune Longboard, Menehune, and Menehune Bodyboard finals with ease.

The Ozone Classic returned to life on Nantucket, the following day, with clean waist high surf. It was the Barend Family putting on another outstanding performance. Maria won the Girls Shortboard, while her mother, Ana captured the Women’s Shortboard title and finished 2nd in the Women’s Longboard final. Chuck won the Men’s Longboard division and finished 5th in the Open Shortboard event. Finally, it was Ed Barend taking 3rd place in the Junior Longboard final.

The next ESA event will again take place at Middletown’s Second Beach, on August 8th. Summer Series Round #3 will feature a new batch of trophies and hopefully some solid waist high surf. Sign-ups are from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM and you must be an ESA member to participate. New members can join on the beach.

ESA Summer Contest Series Round #1

2nd Beach, Middletown, R.I. 7/11/15, in 2-3 foot glassy surf

Menehunes-1.Paige Hedde  2.Haley Marsden  3.Noah Gartner  4.Cade Marsden  5.Phoebe Hedde  

Boys 13 and Under-1.Jayden Parry  2.Josh Hedde  

Boys 15 and Under-1.Joe Doherty Jr.  2.Joe Hedde  

Girls 13 and Under-1.Lily Gartner  

Girls 15 and Under-1.Marinna Meyer  

Masters-1.Chris Herbert  

Senior Men-1.Kevin Roy 2.Ron Belanger  3.Andrew Marsden  

Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan  2.Kitty Pechet  

Open Shortboard-1.Noah Gartner  2.Lily Gartner  3.Jayden Parry  4.Chris Herbert  

Menehune Longboard-1.Noah Gartner  2.Josh Hedde  3.Lily Gartner  4.Paige Hedde  5.Jayden Parry  6.Marianna Meyer  7.Haley Marsden  8.Cade Marsden  9.Phoebe Hedde  

Junior Longboard-1.Joe Hedde  2.Joe Doherty Jr.  

Master Longboard-1.Andrew Marsden  2.Ron Belanger  3.Kevin Roy  

Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan  2.Kitty Pechet  

Open SUP-1.Peter Pan  2.Jack Egan  

Open Bodyboard-1.Peter Pan

ESA Summer Contest Series Round #2

2nd Beach, Middletown, R.I. 7/25/15 in 2-3 foot glassy surf

Menehunes-1.Braydon Bennett  2.Noah Gartner  3.Jim Robbin  4.Chase Barclay  

Boys 13 and Under-1.Jayden Parry  

Boys 15 and Under-1.Ben Lyman  

Girls 13 and Under-1.Lily Gartner  2.Maria Barend  3.Charlotte Robbin  

Men-1.Jamie Kelly   Masters-1.Chris Herbert  

Senior Men-1.Ron Belanger  2.Paul Bennett   Grand Legends-1.Peter Pan  

Senior Women-1.Ana Barend  

Open Shortboard-1.Jamie Kelly  2.Noah Gartner  3.Maria Barend  4.Lily Gartner  5.Jim Robbin  6.Ron Belanger  7.Jayden Parry  8.Ben Lyman  9.Rigby Bennett  10.Charlotte Robbin  

Menehune Longboard-1.Braydon Bennett  2.Maria Barend  3.Noah Gartner  4.Jim Robbin  5.Charlotte Robbin  6.Lily Gartner  7.Chase Barclay  

Junior Longboard-1.Rigby Bennett  

Men Longboard-1.Jamie Kelly  2.Chris Herbert  

Master Longboard-1.Paul Bennett  2.Ron Belanger  

Legends Longboard-1.Peter Pan  

Senior Women Longboard-1.Ana Barend  

Open SUP-1.Peter Pan  

Menehune Bodyboard-1.Braydon Bennett  


Open Bodyboard-1.Peter Pan

Peter Pan

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