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Nine minutes on the North Shore with Gabriel Medina

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 November, 2012 : - - Gruposal produced 'Nine minutes on the North Shore of Hawaii with Brazilian surf pro Gabriel Medina'. This is the result of a few encounters with Gabriel on the North Shore season of 2011. They wonder what we'd see if someone filmed him full time throughout the year...

Durante o inverno havaiano de 2011, esbarramos algumas vezes com o Gabriel. Isso foi o que vimos.
Só nos resta imaginar o que veríamos, se tivesse alguém acompanhando o moleque todo o tempo, durante o ano inteiro...




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Source: Gruposal

Author: The Editors

Tags, Gruposal, Gabriel Medina

Riders: Surfersvillage


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