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Sponsor-orama drama for Silvana Lima rekindles debate

Silvana Lima at last year's Roxy Pro Gold Coast © WSL



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Popular BBC series focuses lense on Silvana Lima's sponsor woes

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 March, 2016 - Silvana Lima, the Brazilian regularfoot who nabbed the first 10 of the 2015 season at the Roxy Pro last year but ultimately fell off the tour is rekindling the debate between athleticism and sponsorship in women's surfing.

“The surf-wear brands when it comes to women, they want both models and surfers," Lima told the BBC this week. "So if you don’t look like a model, you end up without a sponsor, which is what happened to me.”

It became such an issue for Lima that she created the campaign #FreeSilvana in 2014 in order to raise funds to travel on tour. 

So what do the marketers say? Why didn't a talented athlete with heaps of drive not get a head-to-toe deal with one of the big brands? 

“To the victor goes the spoils on the playing field, but in corporate America, decisions are based on different metrics,” said Scott Pinsker, a Tampa-based brand and marketing expert told FoxNews.  "It’s not just how good you are on the field, but how your athletic qualities translate to the world of sales, marketing and brand-building.”

Lima has sinced found a sponsor to back her 2016 campaign and will compete on the QS series.



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