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St Agnes UK shows surfers it´s powerful Right

Chops from Beach Beat Surfboards sent this photo and following note to draw our attention to the outstanding wave quality availablle to surfers in the UK. More info on conditions and spots can be had by contacting Chops at the coordinates given below.

Hi Guys,

Here is a photo of St Agnes beach right under my house, and it breaks regularly like this in the south westers. Who´s the surfer?, Its a guy who I make boards for called PEG LEG or Rick who charges on a longboard but the thing is he has an artificial leg . Hope you like it.



For the benefit of those Surfersvillage visitors and members not familiar with "Chops", the following extract from his website profile will be helpful;-

"I had my first taste of surfing in late ´59/early ´60 at a little place called Hastings point. From there the family moved to Caloundra on the sunshine coast of Queensland where my older brother Dave founded the famous 60´s label Cord surfboards (link) with Bob Mctavish, George Greenough, Kevin Platt and a number of other Australian surfing pioneers. With great surfers such as Peter Drouyn, Russell Hughes and Nat young and many other notables involved these were great times.

Chops won his first Queensland title in 1965 against great surfers like Wayne Deane, Paul Nielsen and their contemporaries and has continued to compete since settling in St. Agnes taking English titles in both shortboard and longboard.

Internationally, Chops has competed for England in two world championships placing equal 17th in Australia and surfed in two European championships placing 2nd. Chops was also responsible for introducing the current coaching system to the BSA and coached the last English team to bring home the European title. In 1999 Chops took the Hossegor Masters title at La Nord in Hossegor and continues to travel constantly with recent trips to Costa Rica and Ireland in the last year.

Check out Peter´s website for further information on the boards he builds. You can also contact him at e-mail

O´b / Surfersvillage.


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