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Style Book 2013


Style book


- Remove "About Volcom" from Contest signoffs, but keep it on when formatting a press release. Rule of thumb is use it if it's in a "newsy" context.
- Typically "about us" can be one big paragraph, occasionally five lines is OK.

   ASR, a division of VNU Expositions,…..

- "WSL" always comes first in contest info as in the following:
     - WSL QS5000 Men’s Event
     - WSL JQS2000 Pro Junior

- Don't go on top of page. Contest posters do go on top of page, but not contest banners.

Bolding words
- Bold words when it helps distinguish important information, as in the below example for a film tour (note spacing):

     San Sebastian: July 14 Location, Venue and Time TBC

     France: July 15 Location, Venue and Time TBC

     United Kingdom : July 16 Location, Venue and Time TBC

- Bolding surfers names in contest reports for WCT and Prime events is advised

Business News
- ONLY USE the company's press release or Yahoo Business news. ALWAYS get information directly from the company's web site, e.g. Do not use Reuters or other agencies including Surfer, Transworld, etc.
- sign off where source name goes should be "Business News" not "Business Updates"

- If any, go at the end of article in the Author box

- Remove words with ALL CAPS and replace with lower case versions.

Click Link 
- When linking a series of words in the article with another page, make sure to have the new link open in another page

Contest Setup

Contest Name

Governing Body
Surf spot, city, country
Date and year

Action-packed title goes here | espanol (linked)
Action-packed title goes here | espanol abajo(not linked)


Contest Banners
- Don't go on top of page, but at the bottom

- Use: 11 - 23 April 2013 or 20 June - 9 July 2013
- Instead of: April 11 - 23, OR 20 June - July 9

Dates 2
- Dates are always DD/MM/YY - NEVER MM/DD/YY

- Datelines do not go in all caps and are followed by a single hyphen. U.S. states are abbreviated AP style.

   Right: Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 June, 2013 : - - Los Angeles - ESPN's X Games announces the first….
   Wrong: Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 June, 2013 : - - Los Angeles, Calif.- ESPN's X Games announces the first….
   *note - be careful of "double dating" Always remove the date from the press release. The Surfers Village heading already has the date.

Editors Notes
- Should only read: "Editor’s Notes," Never "Note to Editors," or " For Editors"
- Rarely bold "Editors Notes"  - only on those occasions it works visually.

- shoe company is always lowercase 'e' in 'etnies'

Events - premieres etc.
- Bold basic questions.

    What: Preimere Book Signing & Photography Exhibition
    When: Reception Saturday, June 24, 2006, 6-10 p.m.
    Where: The Surf Gallery in Laguna Beach
              911 S. Coast Hwy. Laguna Beach, CA 92651 / 949-376-9155

Events - news page & Updates
- All event titles are to be followed by the word "News," or “Updates” so it cannot just be "Environment." It has to be Environment Updates, Team News, Travel News.   News has to start with a capital N. Updates with a capital U.
- Event title is never "Contest News." Enter the name to the contest instead.

    Examples in use of “News” and “Updates”
    Environment Updates
    Film News
    Industry News
    Kitesurf News
    Magazine News
    Team News
    Surf Culture News
    Photography News NOT Photo News

    Some events not followed by  the word News…
    Big Wave Sessions
    Red Bull Big Wave Africa
    RIP :  John Doe  

Facts - newspaper articles on Surfersvillage
Ultimately we should verify the facts of anything we publish a story. This is a huge task, and we don’t have the resources to do it. Most of our content is press releases so generally we are protected. But the newspapaer stuff is iffy, there are always too many mistakes. Beware of The Gold Coast Bulletin.  Newspaper stuff we publish should be trimmed down to the bare facts, no adjectives, no opinions, just facts - the visitor can read the whole artice via the link if he chooses. Remember we are in the information business, not publishing opinions and exaggerations business. Only the bare facts are necessary, if you can’t see only the facts in an article, then we are in trouble. Don't run it.

- Give them lots of 'air' when posting a flyer image as news. Size should be between 450 and 500 wide, especially when the news item contains small amount of text.

-Spaces: three breaks between each question and its answer.
- No "Q" or "A" preceding the question .
-Use font bolded for the question.
   If cramped looking, add an extra space in the paragraphs before the questions just to give them some air and make the question stand out a bit more.

    What do you think of women's professional surfing's evolution?
    European girls as Emmanuelle Joly-Thomas or me, have been aside from all the important decisions that made the women's division evolve….
What do you think of women's professional surfing's evolution?

    European girls as Emmanuelle Joly-Thomas or me, have been aside from all the important decisions that made the women's division evolve….

Language Notation

Ben Bourgeois wins the Reef Latin Pro Barbados espanol 

Linking (examples)

Use: Subscribe to Huck  Do not use: Subscribe to Huck  by clicking here.

Check the Full Report   Do not use: Check the Full Report



Mr., Ms., Mrs
- Don't use Mr., Ms., or Mrs.  before a person's name. Unless it's in a quote or news title.

-Always list names of contest invitees in vertical form. Never hide them within a paragraph. This should apply to other special competitons, awards, etc. when a series of names is displayed. 

News Alerts, Timing
- News Alerts go out at roughly midnight Western U.S. time. Consider this when prioritizing news for specific global targets.

On Hold
- Do not use this term. A contest is either "ON", "OFF", or "ON STANDBY. It is never "On Hold" 

Passages, RIPs
- When someone dies it's 'Passages,' not 'Passings'

- Always 640 wide. When possible, adjust image in photoshop to give it more ‘Pop’ (contrast, color boost, etc)

     General guidelines
     -Present a clean, attractive package.
     -Make it inviting for the reader.
     -Photos with Yellow or Red in them are great.
     -Present it better than the competition.
 -Don't use photos from newspapers.
  -Keep all photos in story the same width i.e. don't  run an image 640 wide followed by one at 400 wide.
  -A good image of a person or group of people is just as important as a good action shot - we're a News site before being a surfing site.

    Order of images
    -Kick off contest news with podium or winner shots.
    -When questioning a photo's placing, consider its newsworthyness.

    Paragraph Rules
    -Ideally, 3-line paragraphs (4 of them) are divided by an image.
    -12 paragraphs + 2 photos = lead photo then 4 or 5 paragraphs of text, then the second photo. Don't split the text in half- put photos at least every 6 paragraphs if they are to be in the news item - i.e. don't run a photo at the top and then put them all in at the end.
     -photos don't have to be great to run, but don't run them big if they are marginal in quality.    

    Photo captions
    -Just include NAME or SUBJECT : photo credit as in Martin Potter © Dan Merkel
    -Can read "Podium" or "Winners" but use "Contest site" rather than "Contest"   

   Photo credit
    -There needs to be a space between the name of the photo and the ©.
    - If we are specifically told who to credit the photo to then thats straight forward enough. If there is no credit given to us then we put ": photo courtesy XXXXXXXX......" the name of the organisation/brand/association that sent us the photo,
     Martin Potter © ASP/Robertson

     Photo sizes
       -Contest Posters and Portrait images go in the news at 450 wide, but we prefer landscape as it wont’ distort on the homepage like a portrait image tends to do.
      -Keep photo weight light. Do this by saving at 640 wide with jpg quality ‘high’ via Photoshop

   Photo sources
    - We do not use pics from newspapers as a general rule. Always make sure we can legally use an image. Make sure it's rights-free or paid for by the provider of the news item (e.g. WSL or brands)

RSS Feed

- ALWAYS INCLUDE THE RSS.  It's the first paragraph of the news item that goes in bottom box on cms page. Watch out for extra spaces in box, especially between the newsdate and top left margin. This is the bit that Google picks up, so it's very important to include in each news.
- Rewrite the RSS feed content for brevity. For ASP newses take out all the extraneous re-iteration of who’s event it is and which stop it is on the ASP Tour.


11 March, 2013 : - WCT: The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast presented by Sprite and held in conjunction with Mayfair Real Estate completed Rounds 3 and 4 today as the world’s best surfers did battle with one another amidst building two-to-three foot waves at the primary venue of Snapper Rocks. Stop number 1 of 12 on the 2013 ASP World Tour Season, The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast presented by Sprite….


11 March, 2013 : - WCT: The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast completed Rounds 3 and 4 today as the world’s best surfers did battle with one another amidst building two-to-three foot waves at the primary venue of Snapper Rocks. The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast has narrowed the original 36-man field down to the final

- Hit html button to ensure RSS feed is clean in iPhone app as feed gets garbled from spacebar use.

- For poorly worded or English-as-a-second language newses, please rewrite the RSS feed content.

- Include in ALL CAPS the category of the news as in the below example:

11 March, 2013 : - WCT: The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast completed Rounds 3 and 4 today as the world’s best surfers did battle with one another amidst building two-to-three foot waves at the primary venue of Snapper Rocks. The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast has narrowed the original 36-man field down to the final

RSS Category Examples:

Science, Space & Weather articles
- Please include in Surfersvillage publications science, space and weather articles in the interest of further understanding the science and physics of movement and weather as it relates to waves in any medium. 



    Contact names
    - Use the name of the person who sent the e-mail and their company if company is surf related. i.e. George Freeth/Billabong.
    - If no name available  within e-mail source then "The Editors"
    - As a rule we don’t put in people's telephone numbers and only put in emails if it relevant for the news piece. We may sometimes include telephone numbers but only when requested etc.
    - For a story that needs volunteers: include e-mail, but not phone number.
        Sharon Walsh

Sourcing wire and other stories- find original source
- Look further at the Reuters, AP, LA Times article etc. for the source they refer to to get the original press release. Often times the source can be found within the Reuters, AP, etc. story and a Google search will yeild the original Press release. It is not pro to regurgitate someone else’s regurgitation

Sourcing news links
- The rule is: Check the full article at PBS by Sam Sneed ("full article at PBS by Sam Sneed" is linked to the article by Sam Sneed)

                   NO Read the full report at the Observer
                   NO Read the full report at the
                   YES Check the full article by Sam Sneed at the Jamaica

-Always one word. No capital V and never shortened to just 'SV'
-Never: Surfers Village
-Never: SV
-Always: Surfersvillage


Titles, box
-Craft titles for maximum impact/information

-Most pertinent info goes in here (because it becomes the news feed)
-Double check all titles after uploading news
-Page Title information elaborates on Title Box info

               - TITLE BOX: Key satellite fails as hurricane season launches

- PAGE TITLE: NOAA’s GOES satellite quits as 'extremely active' season starts June 1

-Keep title lengths as consistent as possible
-No caps in box titles except proper nouns

-Transform press release announcement into ‘News’
-Don't start title with number, such as "2013 kitesurf…"
-For industry/rep news, get name of company and rep in title
         example:        DVS appoints Tony Butt as northwest sales manager


Titles, contest
- The Name of the contest will be the event title, and it may be that you have to make up a title for the main text. Remember that it doesn’t matter if the there is any repetition between either of the titles in the text AND the title in the title box. The title in the title box can be the same as either title or a mixture of the two. Below are some examples.

     Pacific Beach Summer Surf Off - (this is the name of the event)
     presented by Quiksilver - (who it's presented by)

     Pacific Beach, San Diego California - (location)
     10 - 11 June 2016 (Date of competition, always displayed as "10 - 11 June" - never 12th, first, etc.)

     The 9th Annual Contest to Feature Top West Coast Pros… (story title) 


     The O'Neill Highland Open

     ASP 5 Star WQS Mens Event
     Thurso, Scotland
     25 April - 2 May 2013

     Russel Winter Wins the O’Neill Highland Pro with a Perfect 10


     Step Into Summer Pro Junior
     Presented by DVS

     WSL JQS1000 Event
     56th street, Newport Beach California
     10 - 11 June 2013

     Aaron Cormican dominates Step into Summer Pro Junior





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