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New film is stylish ode to Brazil's 1970s counter-culture

70 e Tal, Brazilian 1970s surf culture



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Film taps surf culture during the Brazilian military dictatorship

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 March, 2015 - A new film by Rafael Mellin taps the revival of the surfing and beach culture of Brazil from the 1970’s. But this time it’s viewed from the perspective of the present generation of retro-enthusiastic surfers. 

"70 e Tal" shows a mixture of unseen film and photo archives, present-time action by Brazil’s best surfers, riding single fins and fishes. There is also  exclusive interviews and story telling from the main characters of the 70’s.

The result is a close look at the way of life of the generation that dropped out of the system during the Brazilian military dictatorship and created Brazil’s early surf culture.



The full film will be traveling through Switzerland, Germany and Denmark

Genf: 10.3. / 21 Uhr / Les Scalas
Bern: 10.3. / 20.30 Uhr / Bubenberg
Zürich: 11.3. / 21 Uhr / Riffraff
Luzern: 12.3. / 20.45 Uhr / Bourbaki

Kiel 12.3. / 20.30 Uhr / Studio Kino
Flensburg: 18.3. / 21 Uhr / Volxbad
Köln 23.3. / 21 Uhr / Cinenova
Freiburg: 23.3. / 21 Uhr / Harmonie
Hamburg: 27.3. /  22.30 Uhr / Zeise
Berlin: 30.3. / 21 Uhr / Central Kino
München: 8.4. / 21 Uhr / Rio Filmpalast

Kopenhagen: 28.4. / 21.30 Uhr / Grand Teatret


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