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Sumatra earthquake prompts tsunami warning, then withdrawal

Area of the earthquake. Image by USGS



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Still unclear as to the extent of damage around Sumatra

Update: Indonesia has lifted a tsunami warning issued Wednesday after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Sumatra. The USGS said the quake was located 400 miles off the town of Muara Siberut. A resident of Siberut Island told ABC that people evacuated to higher ground in fear of a tsunami.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 March, 2016 - A 7.8 earthquake, 800 km off the west coast of southern Sumatra, Indonesia occurred just hours ago. It was a ‘large strike-slip earthquake’ which poses a risk of tsunami.

Consequently tsunami warnings for parts of Indonesia, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands and Western Australia were issued. However, authorities called off the tsunami alerts just recently as there was no sign of tsunami.

It was still unclear if the quake had destroyed any buildings or killed people in Sumatra.

According to a National Search and Rescue Agency official gave an initial report of some deaths, but later withdrew those comments.

“Up until now, there is no information about deaths,” said Heronimus Guru, the agency’s deputy head of operations.

The US Geological Service said the earthquake hit 808km southwest of Padang and was centred under the ocean at a depth of 24 kilometres.

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