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Sun protection from Beyond Coastal

Beyond Coastal

Beyond Coastal Active Face Stick

Rated one of the top four non-mineral beach and sport sunscreens ranked by the Environmental Working Group, the easy-to-use Active Face Stick is formulated for high exposure areas, provides shelter from UVA rays and effectively blocks 97% of sunburn-causing UVB rays.

The Active Face Stick is particularly useful in water sports such as surfing, swimming, water polo and fishing. When you’re in the water, it will not run into your eyes and it is quick and easy to apply, without the hassle of getting sunscreen all over your palms and fingers. 

It goes on clear, and does not have the slippery, oily feel that other sunscreens have due to it being Oxybenzone, Paraben, and Petroleum free. This results in an effective, yet comfortable screen to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

The easy-to-use stick application keeps hands clean and dry as you apply sunscreen directly to your face, nose and ears. With only 12 ingredients, the Active Face Stick is moisturizing, rubs in clear, and is water resistant for all types of watersports and beach action. MSRP: 



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