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Holiday Hardgoods Guide - Stuff You Need To Surf




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Fins, Leashes, Boardbags and a couple wetties

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 December, 2014 - The surf industry is focused on boardshorts, t-shirts and occasionally wireless speakers. But what about the core goods we need to make a daily session do-able? We're talking about hardgoods. You rely on your leash, your fins and wetsuit each session and hopefully you don't have to think about them because that means they're working properly. Yes, wireless bluetooth speakers are sexy, but they won't help you out in the water. In this article is a sampling of equipement we've had the pleasure to get to know. 


FCS launches Julian Wilson's signature fin, a medium-sized fin that’s ideal for beach breaks with it’s quick reaction properties. The tri-fin set has a smaller centre fin to help provide quick tail release. Made from FCS Performance Glass.

Base: 4.40" / 112mm
Depth: 4.55" / 116mm
Area: 15.17"² / 9785 mm²
Sweep: 33.3°
Foil: 50/50

Base: 4.29" / 109mm
Depth: 4.50" / 114mm
Area: 14.06"² / 9070 mm²
Sweep: 31.0°
Foil: Flat



Kolohe Andino's signature fin. Delivers a lively mix of drive, pivot and release. Comes in small and medium-scaled designs and made of performance core.

SMALL (55Kg - 70 Kg) -Yellow, black, pink
MEDIUM (65Kg - 80 Kg) -Yellow sides, black centre

Base: 4.37" / 111mm
Depth: 4.41" / 112mm
Area: 13.85"² / 8934 mm²
Sweep: 35.10°
Foil: Flat

Base: 4.53" / 115mm
Depth: 4.53" / 115mm
Area: 14.73"² / 9500 mm²
Sweep: 35.1°
Foil: Flat


Firewire FCS II 3 Fin Set 

This medium-sized performance core set from Firewire was designed by Nev Hyman. The Firewire template sits deep in the water and has minimal sweep, meaning it has great pivoting capabilities yet will hold nicely through turns. The smaller centre fin provides additional tail release.



Future Fins Firewire 5-Fin Set
The Firewire 5-Fin Set was created with a solid carbon base to increase drive through turns. With a bamboo and honeycomb core the Firewire Fins are set up with a lively flex for release. Although the Future Fins Firewire is technically a larger fin, they work with any set up. As a thruster, the Firewire Fins ride smaller then they actually look. As a quad, the rear fins act as a pivot, leaving you with a tight turning radius. 


Future Fins Blackstix 3.0

New to the Blackstix 3.0 is the addition of two layers of unidirectional carbon, aligned at a 23º angle from the base. The angle of the ‘Uni’ controls the ratio of tip bend vs rotation as it loads up through turns. Running from base to tip, the ‘Uni’ adds support to hold more power without feeling stiff. Blackstix 3.0 reissues all previous Blackstix models.


On A MissionWet/Dry Pack 

On A Mission's Wet/Dry Pack features a roll top closure; clinching side clips, double line tarpaulin main compartment and ergonomic shoulder straps. The bag also features side water bottle pockets and a water-resistant front pocket. It's a great bag to get dirty, sandy and wet without worrying about ruining a $140 backpack. Good stuff from OAM.


OAM Day Mission Day Bag

The OAM Day Mission features the OAM Rubber Air Vent; It’s UV and Heat Resistant with External and Internal Tarpaulin and 600 D Polyester. Day Mission has a Reinforced Nose with .25" foam and a Removable and Adjustable Padded Velcro Shoulder Strap along with a Multi Pocket Organizer.


Josh Kerr Quick Strike Double Day Bag

Designed with Josh Kerr The Quick Strike double day bag is made to fit 2 boards for those quick day strikes.  Take two boards and be ready for anything.  This bag will easily accommodate fish, grovelers and standard shortboards.  An internal divider keeps the wax off the bottom of your boards and protects the deck from the fins.  Three ventilation points and a true-reflective bottom keeps your boards cool.


DNA flex mould leash from Creatures of Leisure

The cool thing about the Creatures of Leisure leash design is that the DNA flex mould helps keep the leash from snapping. How? because most leashes break at the point the urethane connects to the swivel. Creatures has developed a design that actually adds strength to their leashes.


Dakine Kainui team leash

Solid leash with a solid team behind them. This Dakine leash comes in three sizes:  6' x 1/4”, 7' x 1/4”, 8' x 1/4" and features overmolded leash ends; double swivels, quick release cuff and triple-wrap rail saver.


R2 Yulex Nexkin Front-Zip Wetsuit.

Made from revolutionary Yulex® biorubber, the new R2® Yulex®/Nexkin® Front-Zip Full Suit offers a responsible, high-performance cool water wetsuit choice while maintaining Patagonia's rigorous standards for warmth, durability and flex. With 100% external seam sealing, the renewable, hypoallergenic Yulex® natural rubber is paired with traditional neoprene in a 60%/40% blend, while the windproof Nexkin coating reduces evaporative cooling and is far more durable than traditional smooth skin neoprene. All seams are triple glued, blindstitched and internally taped for additional strength.


Body Glove Vapor X Red Cell

A technically exciting suit that utilizes new synthetic material that redirects infrared energy into your body. It’s a warm flexible suit (we know we’ve tried it). The suit uses all the best seams, constructions and materials available on the market. We liked the entry slanted zip design and we had no flushing during test surfs. Pluses included: soft and warm Red Cell material; top-end inner and outer seam construction; overall comfort; no flushing; very warm suit 

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