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Product Review: OGIO's All Elements Pack



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At-a-glance-review of OGIO's All Elements Pack

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 June, 2015 - The cool thing about the OGIO All Elements backpack is that while there are several waterproof packs on the market (Surfersvillage just reviewed a slew of them here) few have special laptop sleeves. Yes, not everyone’s taking their laptop to the beach, but this pack makes that an option due to it’s water-resistant closure system and waterproof material.

The laptop liner and tablet sleeve are removable, which means that once that laptop liner is taken out, the bag is a durable wet/dry pack suitable for wet wetsuits and other nasty, damp items.

Technically the bag is made of durable, heavy waterproof material with a roll-top construction that keeps out the moisture. It also has water-resistant zippers and the overall feel is very heavy-duty.


It’s a comfy pack with lots of padding and adjustable sternum strap to keep it snug to your body. In fact, once secured to your back, this pack is really tight and not going anywhere. I’d have no issues with toting this pack around on a motorcycle or other out-in-the-elements forms of transportation.

The bag feels a bit too nice to use for hikes into Lower Trestles or camping trips - it is stylishly designed with a sleek, urban look. We feel its best use is rainy day bicycle or motorcycle commutes.

Bryan Dickerson

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