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Sunday Sunday Sunday Races partners with ISLE Surf & Sup





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ISLE Surf & Sup has secured Title Sponsor for Pro Am Paddle Race Series

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 May, 2016 - RVLT Surf announces that ISLE Surf & Sup has secured Title Sponsor for the Sunday Sunday Sunday Pro Am Paddle Race Series. “I guess we’re doing something right’” says Brian, “We’ve put everything we have into these events & it’s encouraging to see a positive response from both the athletes and the Paddle Racing World in general. 

We knew if we provided a fun, well run event, San Diego could eventually be home to a World Class SUP & Prone Paddle series that everyone would be proud to support.”

Leslie had this to say: “We couldn’t be more excited to see how this season plays out - ISLE is a great partner for RVLT and brings a ton of positive energy & creative elements to the table” she continues, “Stay tuned for some big announcements regarding special guests at the series.

Their ties to the paddle world are about as eclectic as our demographic. Their list of VIP’s at the events may help Sunday Sunday Sunday to be one of the most talked about series on the West Coast” 

ISLE Ambassador & team member Ikaika Pidot along with other world class athletes Chuck Glynn of Laird & EJ Johnson of Yolo have all confirmed they are planning on attending and competing in the Elite Pro divisions. 

Brian added, “This season we will mix it up a bit with challenging new courses that include an ocean jetty paddle section for the Elite athletes and technical elements that will run directly in front of the spectators to help engage and entertain the crowd during the actual racing.” He goes on to say, “It always bothered us, that, at most races they start with the athletes taking off & disappearing into the distance -  they pretty much remain hidden from view until the finish line.

Not the SSSR format… we try to make these events just as fun for the spectators as the athletes… if that’s possible. The race courses have been mapped out to loop the athletes back around in front of the event setup, so the racing drama & excitement can be enjoyed by everyone.

The SSSR is also dedicated to creating a competitive program that focuses on the next generation of star athletes. The 17U group have separate races that not only focus on the endurance portion but also technical elements of racing. We work with top athletes, coaches & parents in creating these courses.

A number of paddle clubs & private coaches from San Diego and Orange County including Elite Paddle Training & The Paddle Academy (among others) all support our events. We designed new “looping” courses within Bonita Cove for the 3K and 1K - again - the technical elements will run directly in front of the spectators.

Not only does this keep all eyes on the young athletes for safety sake, but allows coaches, parents & everyone to see how well the younger paddlers are doing.” 

Leslie goes on to add, “Prone paddle racing is a priority for us this season. Some of the best Prone paddlers on the planet call San Diego Home. There has been a resurgence in Prone Paddle Racing in recent year and we love it! If you have never tried to race Prone Paddle, but have always wanted to… the 3K is a great distance to give it a go. “Not too far to kill ya’ … but just long enough to give you a taste for the sport.”

Other elements including live music, demos, a ‘Green Beach’ fair, raffles, giveaways & other fun beach activities, all add to the family friendly, festival atmosphere.

Brian wraps it up by stating, “If you’re an Elite athlete looking for top honors or simply a Weekend Warrior, just looking to challenge yourself in a professional run, competitive environment… the Sunday Sunday Sunday - Pro Am - Paddle Race Series is a perfect fit

Past Event Champions: 2014 Mo Freitas / FOCUS - 2015 Chuck Glynn / LAIRD - 2015 Erica Benitez / BRAWNER


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