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SuperBrand ambassadors go XXL big in Mex

Brett Barley © @Brettbarley





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SuperBrand's Barley and Moncada score macking Mex during Swell of the Decade

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 May, 2015 - Puerto Escondido, Mexico - During what many are calling the ‘Swell of the Decade” in Mainland Mexico, SUPERbrand riders Oscar Moncada (Puerto Escondido, Mexico) and Brett Barley (North Carolina, USA) put their lives on the line in some of the craziest surf ever seen. 

Oscar Moncada wisely decided to pass on the first day of the enormous swell, saying on Instagram, “It was heavy out there! I stayed on the beach watching for hours. Even the best big wave riders in the world we’re getting caught inside and breaking their boards. 25-feet plus, man!” The next day the swell had dropped to a more manageable 20-foot. Oscar grabbed his cajones and paddled out on a 9’6” SUPERbrand that was shaped for the late, great Ricardo dos Santos.

“Not bad for being a kook big wave rider,” he joked afterward. “My only wave of the swell yesterday. Biggest I’ve ever seen!”

Oscar Moncada © Tony Roberts

Barley was posted up at another beachbreak up the coast where the swell was equally grande. With wild seas and wave faces seeming to reach fifty feet, Barley and friends rented a jet ski and did “step offs,” where the surfer steps off the back of a jet ski and onto a huge wave.

There’s no paddling required, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences, “When you’re about to get the barrel of your life but the wave says ‘No!’ I did get a mow down to remember though,” said Barley of his beat down.


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