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Superbrand dishes details on penis surfboard



Board Design

Shaper Jason Koons talks about Paul Fisher's dick board

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 March, 2014 - For this shape, basically all we did was drop a dick-inspired outline on the Slug. The tail was the most difficult part to design as it had to be believable but functional, and for fins we decided on a twin/single option. The rest up to Fish to figure out.

I was shocked and amazed that he actually ripped on that thing. The shape and shredding brought up immediate comparisons to a particular strange design that got a lot of hype this year, the Vanguard. Essentially, Fish did the same thing as them: he came up with something bizarre and shot a ripping video to validate its function, so now you will have to buy hundreds of those boards. The real truth is that really short, high volume boards are impossible to screw up.

If they are made of fiberglass and foam and have some fins and some rocker, a good surfer can shred on them. It's that easy. So the next time someone tells you they are changing the face of surfing with an innovative fish design, laugh. The best thing about fishes are that they are easy to ride, forgiving, and more than anything they are fun. Fun being the key factor--it's the most fundamental reason why we surf. Or it should be.


We've gotten a lot of questions and really awesome comments since Paul Fisher released the videos of him shaping then riding a SuperBbrand board, shaped like a penis. It's all good fun, which is something we like. We thought it'd be prudent to get some thoughts on the board from the guys who make real, really functional boards, the SuperBrand Shapers' Collective. Namely, Jason Koons. Here, his thoughts on the matter:

Is anyone else sort of embarrassed to talk about this thing? Paul Fisher's, um, surfboard? It's hilarious and absoluting fitting for Fisher to have a phallus-inspired surfboard, but mom is probably going to see this thing and know I had something to do with it. It's sort of unnerving to think that this board is getting more immediate hype than the other surfboards SUPERbrand has made.

Overall, it was an awkward craft to craft. The whole factory was taking selfies with it ("selfies" have happened not never in a surfboard factory). It was like being in sex ed class with a bunch of kids, or like a typical weekday at Transworld Surf. Every sentence was some sort of innuendo: taking it to backdoor, doing off the lips, and so on. 




Jason Koons

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