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Superbrand announces launch of new Magic Mix model






Board Design

The Magic Mix is a blend of the popular Toy and Vapors models

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 April, 2017 - Superbrand today announced the launch of their new Magic Mix model which they say is a combination of the popular Toy and Vapors designs.

Press release below...

Electrify your surfing on the new Magic Mix surfboard model from Superbrand! Like the name insinuates, the Magic Mix is a blend of two existing Superbrand surfboard models—the Toy and Vapors.

“The genesis of the Magic Mix was to create a board that can be ridden in zero to six-foot surf. A one-board quiver if you will,” says Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher of the Superbrand Shapers’ Collective.

“Over time the Toy has gone from a step down to more of a standard shortboard for the average surfer. The Vapors has also transformed from a grovel type of board to a good all-rounder for the intermediate surfers. Both models have advantages in different conditions so I wanted to blend the two together to create the ultimate all-rounder,” adds Sparrow.

Team riders from across the globe have been riding the Magic Mix for several months now and are raving; “The best board you’ve made me—probably the best board I’ve ever ridden!” said Paul Fisher after a recent session on the Gold Coast of Australia.

It’s not just the pros who are pumped either, the Magic Mix can be ridden by surfers of all skill levels. “Everything from the outline, rails, rocker and bottom counter are very simple so there are no weird feelings you get from this design,” says Sparrow. “Simple single to double concave, nice medium rail that feels good in your hand, and a medium, high performance rocker and a nice even volume through the board from nose to tail,” he adds.





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