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Surf camp in Panama celebrates 15 years



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Two islands make up Surfer Paradise Surf Camp

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 November, 2013 - Open since 1998 and located on a small private island off the coast of Panama, The Surfer Paradise Surf Camp is actually two islands. One being the big island and then a smaller outer island. The big island has the living accommodations.

Private cabanas are located on the side of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, each with your very own hammock for that afternoon siesta. Water is supplied by a fresh water spring that is used for drinking and showering. There are left breaks, and right breaks. Beginner breaks, experienced breaks, and advanced surfer breaks.

Photographer Phil Perez recently visited Morro Negrito's Private Panama Surf Camp:
Well guys,
I have to tell you I was a bit apprehensive and skeptical coming to Panama for good surf, but I'm so glad I did because this place ROCKS!  I've only been here a few days, but have added the best photos that I've taken yet to my portfolio. 

Go to to see more of this place.  And, yeah, I caught my fair share of these bombs - check my personal photo section to see for yourself!  I'm in the process of adding photos with a slow, third world internet connection, so be patient - they're on their way.

This place is so beautiful, and the place I'm staying is something else.  This guy Steve built a very well-designed eco-friendly surf camp on an island (population: 50) that has a variety pack of fun waves, with a nearby offshore island (population: 3) that has the bombing reef breaks in the attached photos.  These offshore breaks are heavy-duty, deepwater reefs with some areas of dry-reef that need to be carefully negotiated. 

The co-ed staff are all surfers and everyone is having the time of their lives out here.  The vibe is so cool, and everyone is surfed out and in a good mood all day.

Check the photos and book your tickets.  By the way, round trip is a whopping $209 from Fort Lauderdale, which is a little more affordable than the $700 El Salvador ticket, which is closer - go figure!

Steve Thompson

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