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Surf Check: Vanimo Surf Lodge in Papau New Guinea



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Papau New Guinea's north coast hosts heaps of breaks, resonable travel rates

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 February, 2018 - Vanimo Surf Lodge is a small surf resort located just outside of Lido Village on Papua New Guinea’s north coast. User friendly uncrowded waves, friendly locals, and enriching cultural experiences encompass a surf holiday to Vanimo.

This absolutely remote territory with very few tourists visiting every year has been visited by adventurous surfers since 1980s. The amount of surfers in water at any time rarely exceeds 6 and it is usually 3-4.

The surf breaks are easy to access by foot or a short paddle and the range of waves is for all levels; easy Town Beach, Freight Trains at the right of Log Point or Lido's Left and Lido's Right. The size and direction of surf breaks in the area means that they work at the same time and at least one will be offshore, giving you a plenty of choice when the surf is on. The waves break from 2-10ft all season.

The right-hander just outside the Surf Lodge (Lido's Right) is super consistent and offers long rides, but they also have a vehicle that they take to 6 surrounding surf breaks which are about 10-15 minutes drive away east and west of the Surf Lodge. Additional surf transfers and pickups per day are chargeable and subject to availability.

Besides quality waves, the area offers you tropical remote wilderness, thousands of coconut palms, occasional village huts and pristine jungle. Vanimo Surf Lodge encourages you to explore the surroundings and will help you organize small trips. The favourite one is the waterfall tour where you take a 2-km walk along a cool stream to a series of waterfalls to take a refreshing dip in crystal clear water.


In a country where time matters little, waves are pumping in the season, water is clean and warm, you can lay back and sip a cold iced drink or PNG's world-class Arabica coffee, talk to other travellers and of course, surf your arse off between November and April.

The Perfect Wave is an official and preferred member of Surfing Association in Papua New Guinea. We pay yearly membership fees and respect the surf management plans that are in place to keep the waves uncrowded. These fees go directly to the local people whom waves we get to surf, ensuring the local schools get well needed funds. The Surf Association Papua New Guinea (SAPNG) has successfully controlled the tourism and environmental impact of surfing in the region.

The Surf Association Abel Reserve spiral management scheme has uniquely created an approach to surfing as a sustainable tourism model that can be applied to other niche tourism sectors around the globe. This means the number of surfers to the area are restricted which is great for keeping the crowd factor low.



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