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Surf Coaching in Europe

Portuguese rainbow, 2012 AS Championships © Austrian Surfing

Surf Coaching in Europe

ISA and AS Surf Instructor Level 1

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 September, 2012 : - - Austrian Surfing is based in Innsbruck and operates at an international level. Austrian Surfing integrates all clubs and associations within Austria that wish to foster and perform the sport of surfing as defined by the ISA. The ISA and the SEA recognize Austrian Surfing as the Austrian Surfing Association and ambassador for surfing in Austria.

Austrian Surfing‘s mission is to further develop surfing as an activity. Their goal is the training of competent surf coaches with the relevant surfing skills and knowledge to be able to independently instruct surfers at beginner to intermediate stage in surf schools as well as assist the head coach / Level 2 Instructor in doing his tasks in surf camps.

The Austrian Surfing course consists of the ISA L1 surf instructor course plus extra modules developed by AS to cater for the special needs of the European surf camps. The course consists of;

•7 days course, course manuals and workbooks, worksheets, beginner boards, examination fees
•7 nights in the Atlantic Surf Lodge
•full board: rich breakfast buffet, beach snack, dinner
•AS Green Room offers almost all food in organic quality
•ISA membership (1 year)
•Name appears in ISA Surf Coach Online Register for one year
•L1 accreditation
•AS job service 
•AS update service
•AS Instructor Partner-Programs
In most legitimate surf schools and camps some sort of on-the-job-training is required. This training time can be reduced by doing a pre-practical in a surf camp prior to doing the coaching course. The pre-practical also helps you get your first experiences in the daily business of coaching and the surf camp vibes.

Due to the substantial difference in the quality of teaching of surf instructors who have done a practical and those who have not, from now on a 4-weeks-practical is a prerequisite for being awarded the accreditation. Compared to other sports, surfing - as a sport characterised by direct interaction with nature, i.e. the power and at times unpredictability of the ocean - and surf coaching need a lot more experience that cannot be completely covered in the course.

The practical can be done pre- or post-course, or as a combination of both. Austrian Surfing do not want to build bureaucratic obstacles, and just want to ensure the high quality of their coaching programs!

For more detailed information go to Austrian Surfing

Source: Austrian Surfing

Author: Johnny Nesslinger

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