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Surf Life magizine blasted for describing Otis Carey as 'apeish'

Otis Carey © Otis Carey/Facebook




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Surf Life is under fire for inappropriate Aboriginal comment

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 March, 2014 - Australian surfing publication, Surf Life, is under fire after writer Nathan Myers called a surfer from Aboriginal heritage 'apeish'

Myers was working on the story about Carey, a 23-year-old free surfer from Narabeen whose mother is of Aboriginal heritage.

“With his apeish face and cowering hair-curtains, I expect little more than Cro-Magnon grunts from his mouth. I am caught off guard by the clarity and eloquence of his speech,” Mr. Myers wrote in the magazine’s March issue.

Social media has exploded against the magazine’s editors, calling them “vile” and “racist,” and the backlash continued even after the magazine issued an apology on Wednesday.

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