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Surf Right partners with Protect Our Winters



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Protect Our Winters engages athletes to fight climate change

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 January, 2014 - Emerging surf apparel brand has announced a strategic partnership with Protect Our Winters (POW). Surf Right develops and markets apparel and equipment inspired by a community of cold water surfers who embrace unforgiving conditions to follow their passion.

Protect Our Winters (POW) exists to engage and mobilize the winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change. POW is focused on educational initiatives, advocacy and the support of community-based projects.

“Whether your idea of ‘winter sports’ is flying down a mountain or paddling out into an icy line-up, we all appreciate the important roll that climate plays in our lives,” said Matt McClain, vice president of development and operations at POW. “Protect Our Winters is excited to be partnered with Surf Right to raise awareness and support our efforts to combat human-caused climate change.”

As part of this new strategic partnership between Surf Right and POW, Surf Right will introduce POW to a new market segment and develop a co-branded product line with a portion of the proceeds going back to POW.
“A partnership between Surf Right and POW is the first of its kind.

Winter recreation is traditionally most visible through snow sports,” said Todd Meleney, director of sales and brand strategy at Surf Right. “Surf Right is excited to engage passionate cold water surfers around the world to support POW’s fight against climate change. This partnership will join the snow world and surf world for one common goal.”

Surf Right joins other POW corporate partners including Spy, Converse, K2, Cliff Bar, Vans and The North Face.

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