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Surf short genre ups the game with 'Edges of Sanity'



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How Finisterre made their latest surf film Edges of Sanity

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 October, 2014 - Finisterre’s latest surf film is more in line with Jonathan Glazer’s legendary Guinness ad than any piece of footage you’re likely to see for O’Neill or Billabong. For one thing it’s not set in an exotic location – there are no bikini-clad babes – as they’ve traded warmer waters for the icy depths off the coasts of northern Scotland and Ireland.

Secondly there’s no punk-rock, guitar-heavy soundtrack accompanying the incendiary displays of surfing prowess. Instead you’ve got Charles Dance’s rich, silky voice paying homage to the great swell through a specially commissioned poem as guys in full-body winter wetsuits glide across the water’s surface. I may be waxing lyrical here – Edges Of Sanity makes it hard not to get excited – but there’s not all that many branded films that get the heart racing in quite the same way.

What was Finisterre’s brief for you when you started the project?

“Cold water surfing takes place in some of the most remote and inhospitable places on earth and in order to explore these places you need products that can stand up to these environments. Finisterre bring that to the table but they wanted to bring the whole experience of cold water surfing to life – the surfing and living within a cold water surf environment.”

How many were in your team?

Due to the nature of the project we needed a small team on location so along with the surfers Matt and Noah, I had CJ Mirra recording sound and assisting, Ernie (Producer) along with Gregor and Tom from Finisterre on hand to help out. David Gray and Al Mackinnon were capturing stills for the project and back in the studio Dan Crockett wrote the poem, Charles Dance lent us his voice, The Mill got involved in grading and a whole host of others who I’m massively thankful for.

What are the main challenges of a project like this?

The cold is the main challenge. We’re sleeping in these leaky, drafty Swedish army tents, waking up at dawn cold and tired, then having to rig cameras with frozen fingers that don’t work and chasing the light (we only used natural light). The whole project was a massive challenge, from bringing everyone together to go chase a swell, snapping every board Matt and Noah had with them on the heavy slabs to simply trying to charge batteries in the middle of a muddy field. Every project is going to have its challenges, but the one thing you can’t buy in is enthusiasm. When you have belief in something – cold water surfing, or racing cars, whatever it may be – it’s contagious. Everyone involved got stuck in and made it happen.


Edges Of Sanity. from Finisterre on Vimeo.


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