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Surfboard Class: Video explores basic design principles



Board Design

Watch a rebroadcast of our Facebook LIVE episode covering many facets of surfboard design

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 February, 2017 - Surfersvillage Facebook viewers got to learn LIVE what it is that makes a surfboard work the way it does. The user-friendlly Q and A with shaper Kevin Olsen will gave an overview of board design as well as answered many of your questions.

The Surfersvillage Facebook LIVE event gave both basic and in-depth coverage of the complicated world of concaves, spiral vee, entry rocker and much more.

"Everyone needs to know and understand concaves," said guest Kevin Olsen of Plonka Surfboards. "I am passionate about the single-into-double concaves that I shape and surf, so sharing my knowledge of how I think concaves should work will be fun. I look forward to answering some interesting questions too."

You can watch the full episode below.



Kevin Olsen is a surfer and a passionate shaper. He lives and works in Capbreton-Hossegor and for 12 years had dedicated his life to the production of surfboards. His brand's flagship model, the PLONKA has become a popular mainstay around the breaks of Southwest France. He hosts several surfboard workshops each year.

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