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Surfboard company seeks funds to keep "Creative Campus"



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Grain Surfboards crowdfunds new "Creative Campus" on Indigogo website

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 March, 2017 - York, Maine - Grain Surfboards HQ has had perhaps the best location that owners Mike LaVecchia and Brad Anderson could ever imagine - a sweet, eighteen-acre farm owned and operated by a friendly family that loved to see the young company coming of age in one of their barns.  After more than ten years renting from the farmers, Grain's recently been told that their shop and offices are needed for other purposes.  Grain's being forced to vacate in only a few months. 

Uprooted and with few other choices, LaVecchia and Anderson are reaching out to the thousands of friends, fans and followers that have been drawn to the brand's unique and earnest ethos built on community, sustainability, and fun.  An Indiegogo campaign launched today is asking to raise $200,000 towards the purchase and renovation of a site that LaVecchia says is "the perfect spot".  

"We realized that - in order to continue to be the Grain Surfboards that people have come to love, renting would never work.  We need a location that we can own so we can have the latitude to support the Grain community's unique needs." said LaVecchia.

The balance of funds required for the property will be obtained from investors.  In the event that Grain Surfboards exceeds its funding targets, alternative energy and other sustainability features are planned.  Grain's hope is that an event that at first felt wrenching and disastrous can be turned into an opportunity for the entire Grain community to share a future that includes more surfboard-building classes, more events, and more opportunities to build products sustainably.

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