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Surfbreak Protection raises alert to concerns in NZ...



Surfbreak Protection

Surfbreak Protection raises alert to concerns in New Zealand 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 March, 2011 : - - There have been some significant surfbreak protection related activities going on around the New Zealand over the last few weeks. Below are some updates, you can go to the links for more details.

Makorori safety barrier – beach parking and access denied
Gisborne City Council and New Zealand Transport Authority have collaborated to “unexpectedly” build a new traffic safety barrier on the coast highway from the southern end of Makarori Beach to the top of the hill before you head south towards Wainui.
The lack of consultation by Council with the local surfing parties, particularly the non-notification of the resource consent application for this activity at such an important surfing area, has caused the surfing community to voice its concerns 
More info at

The Auckland Spatial Plan – no reference to protecting Auckland Region surfbreaks
The Auckland Council last week released their Spatial Plan. At present it contains no reference to any protection of surfbreaks in the Auckland Region.
Give them feedback so that we ensure that all Auckland surfbreaks can be protected, they aren’t protected in the spatial plan they could be lost.
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Whangamata Bar update – is Whanga worth fighting for?
Some locals say Whanga Bar is a goner and have given up the fight. Not us, Whanga is worth fighting for. After all it's a 10 out of 10 (Wavetrack Guide) and legislated as a nationally significant surfbreak (NZCPS 2010).
Not only that, but Surfbreak Protection Society, is putting in place a monitoring camera to document the changes to the Bar along the timeline of the Marina Society's sand dredging cycle.  Even The Coastal News has written about the changes.
More info at

Port Otago dredging
Surfbreak Protection will be speaking to their submission at the upcoming hearing on 14 April in Dunedin.

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