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Surfer’s camera goes for 18-mile ride without him

Alex Vaquer with board & camera © KHON 

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Surfer’s camera (GoPro) goes for 18-mile ride without him

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 21 May, 2013 : - - The massive swell that slammed south shores of Oahu over the past five days led to dozens of rescues. One Oahu surfer avoided being another statistic, but his board and GoPro camera were not as lucky.

Surfer Alex Vaquer will never forget the first south swell of 2013. “Wow! That summer swell was the best ever,” Vaquer said. Last Friday, Vaquer decided to sneak in an early morning surf session at China Walls before heading to work. On his fifth wave, he suffered a nasty wipe out.

“I didn’t make the drop, the leash broke and I saw the board just drifting forever,” Vaquer said. He swam to safety as his surfboard, and the GoPro camera attached to it, drifted away, caught in a current some call, “The Molokai Express.”

“After half an hour, it was easily like two miles out. I could barely find it with the binoculars,” Vaquer said. “Then I realized, ‘Okay there’s no more hope.’ The only hope I had was I put my phone number on my camera.

Then early Saturday, Vaquer received an unexpected phone call. “These guys from 955-FISH just called me and said, ‘Did you lose a camera on a surfboard?’ I said, ‘Yeah,’” Vaquer said. A fisherman and his crew spotted the surfboard floating about 18 miles off Oahu. The camera was still mounted on it.

What was even more amazing was his digital camera had rolled for nearly an hour before running out of memory. “I can see like Hawaii Kai getting slowly like far and far away on its way to Molokai or Japan who knows,” Vaquer said. “Sad and alone in the middle of the ocean.”

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Source: KHON

Author: The Editors

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