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Surfer loses life in New South Wales shark attack

Shark silhouette © Elias Lily



Shark News

Shark latches onto back of surfer's board, rips off legs

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 February, 2015 - A 41-year-old surfer died Monday after a shark bit off his legs while he was surfing at Shelly Beach in New South Wales.

Tadashi Nakahara  was waiting out the back for a set with friends when the shark latched onto the back of his board and his legs, tearing them off. Witnesses said the man’s friends rushed him to shore where they tried to stop the bleeding with tourniquets but were unsuccessful.

Other surfers in the water reported seeing the shadow of a large white shark, which they estimated to be around four-meters-long. Shelly Beach, the site of the attack, was closed as authorities now hunt for the shark. 

The attack occurred 12 miles from where surfer Jabez Reitman was bit by a shark yesterday. In that incident the man was well enough to drive himself to the hospital.

Australia has struggled with how best to protect the public from sharks. While the public is hopeful that electronic alerts will advise of imminent shark dangers, this program only works with tagged sharks.

Other options are drum lines and hunting and killing large sharks in the vicinity of populated areas. 

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