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Surf Concepts LLC opens new "Surfer The Bar" in Florida



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Surf-media themed bar to open in Jacksonville with plans for more new locations

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 September, 2016 - Surfer, The Bar a the one-of-a-kind bar/restaurant concept from Surfer Magazine, part of The Enthusiast Network, is making its debut on the mainland this Winter with it’s first location opening in Jacksonville, Florida.

Developed by Surf Concepts LLC, the new Surfer [The Bar] will offer the same cool coastal vibe, epic surf media and live entertainment as the original venue located at the famed Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The Florida location will feature two main bars inside and an outdoor tiki bar area all serving great cocktails, as well as, a refurbished 1962 Airstream permanently set inside the venue offering a surfer-inspired menu.

“Like, Surfer [The Bar] on the North Shore, the new Florida venue was chosen for its iconic location near the Jacksonville Pier, along with it's vibrant and supportive community,” says Surfer Magazine GM Tony Perez. “We look forward to fully embracing the locals and visitors and creating an authentic brand experience. In partnership with Surf Concepts and Rip Curl, we are building an amazing collaboration that will be second to none.”

“When I was approached by The Enthusiast Network to develop this concept on the mainland for Surfer Magazine, I knew my goal extended way beyond the business element of this idea,” says Greg Saig, managing partner, Surf Concepts and Salt Life Restaurant Group. 

“We needed to create an intimate and iconic sense of place for the Surfer brand which has inspired the minds of every surfer across the globe to seek exploration through surf adventures, as well as, having led the media world throughout the entire surfing revolution for the last 60 years.”

Surfer also partnered with long-time ally Rip Curl; Surfer [The Bar] will co-exist with a new 1,600-square-foot Rip Curl retail store in a thriving shopping and entertainment mecca. 

“Rip Curl’s partnership with Surfer Magazine goes back decades. From iconic empty lineup back covers for The Search campaign or teaming up on trips or events, we share a lot of history together,” says Rip Curl USA President/CEO, Kelly Gibson. “To collaborate and create a unique experience in an authentic east coast surfing town like Jacksonville Beach is an amazing opportunity and a new chapter in our story of working together.”

Surfer Magazine, an icon in the surfing industry for over 50 years, has licensed its brand to Surf Concepts through a long-term development deal with plans to develop multiple Surfer [The Bar] locations along the East and West Coasts of the United States strategically placed in key beach communities. The initial focus for development will be on the East Coast; specifically locations in North, Central and South Florida, with expansion plans for California’s coast to follow. The restaurant concept will encompass a coastal atmosphere with the surfing lifestyle and culture.

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