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Sitting down with Chris Coté and his larger-than-life persona



The Surfersvillage Interview

Chris Coté gets all professional for the latest chapter in his media career

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 February, 2018 - Chris Coté has fun. He's not just phoning it in when he works. He actually enjoys poking fun at people, making bad puns and generally just putting it all out there. It's why we like to listen to his nasally off-the-cuff contest commentary at surf contests, watch him in his role as "Coach" in Transworld videos, or hear his insights into the surf/skate/snow world via his new podcast series. The guy is having fun and viewers pick up on that.

This week we dropped in with Chris Coté to find out what he'd use a time machine for, what he's proud of and why Italy calls to him.

How would you describe what you do for work to a very small, inattentive child?
I own and operate Coté Media Group, a one-stop-shop for all the cool stuff I do. I do everything from freelance writing, podcasting, commentating surf/skate/snow events, music coordination, brand development, live event hosting, production, DJ, print publishing, social media and more.

What is that you do professionally that you are most proud of?
I've stayed relevant for two decades in our little surf/skate/snow world, that's a feat in itself ha ha. I would say I'm one of the few people in our space that can expertly talk to both the core and the broader audience of Action Sports fans without alienating either one and do it in an entertaining way.

What are you currently working on that you’re really excited about? (This is the one to mention the Podcast in…)
The recently launched Monday M.A.S.S. podcast has been a great way for me to flex my knowledge, observations, news, and opinions on all things surf/skate/and snow in a fun and entertaining format. Also, I've partnered up with Chris Cantore working on Yew Online, a new lifestyle website and clothing brand that is all about spreading stoke.


Tell us what has been your biggest mistake and what did you learn from that mistake?
I'd say getting too deep into partying stunted my professional growth, of course it was fun and I wouldn't take anything back, but yeah, I have some catching up to do to make up for time I wasted getting wasted ha ha.

Share with us your biggest Rocky Balboa moment (you know, punching meat in a freezer then running up the steps of City Hall with your own special theme music blaring.)
I feel like these happen all the time! Could be after an event where I feel particularly great about my work or finishing a project for a client and hearing them rave about the outcome. Seeing a project through from conception to culmination feels good, learning a new skate trick, landing an air surfing, teaching my kids something new, like I said, I have Rocky moments every day, these are the moments that keep me excited about life, even just bouncing back quickly from rejection can feel like a win.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing? Selling shoes?
Maybe I'd move to Hollywood and become a television writer or try my hand at stand up comedy. Maybe I would move the family to Barcelona, Spain and work at a creative agency. I did have a dream once of starting a surf school in Italy. Either way, I'm always going to have a job that allows ample free time for me to surf, skate, play music, enjoy time with my wife and kids. I'm never going to be a slave to the wage, freedom is a big part of happiness for me.

OK, you get to drop into five moments in history – surf or otherwise. Please name them and why.

1. Get in early on the filming of North Shore and get myself a cameo during the final scene on the beach at Pipeline.

2. Get myself on the boat with Gerry Lopez and the crew that first surfed G Land.

3. Go back and talk to the obnoxious 15 year-old me and set him up with some life-hammer knowledge.

4. Watch the legendary Occy Skins event in person.

5. Surf Waikiki with Duke.

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