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Surfersvillage Photo Series: Portugal's Tó Mané

Surfersvillage Photo Series, Portugal, Tó Mané, Photography
João Guedes, S. Jacinto, Portugal © To Mane



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His Nazaré images get the world's blood pumping

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 June, 2014 - An action sports photographer since 1998, Tó Mané has been published in Portugal, Spain, France, England, USA, Japan, Australia and other countries. While he’s a travel junkie, it’s his images of Portugal that have captured the world’s attention, most notably those giant days at Nazaré. 

Tó Mané says he loves to travel around the world, looking for the most inspiring moments, people and places. “Only inspiration can lead photographers to achieve perfect snapshots.”

His work is now being featured on the Surfersvillage Instagram feed.

Pat Gudauskas, Peniche, Portugal © To Mane

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