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Handful of Hardgoods: Surfersvillage Summer Gear Ideas





Gear Preview

Leashes, fins, tailpads, boardies, GoPro gear and more

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 May, 2015 - Welcome to the Surfersvillage Hardgoods Preview. We’ve collected new product from reputable brands to showcase items available this summer. The purpose of this guide is to provide the reader with a as much information as they can get to help make an informed purchasing decision. Or, at the very least, this feature is a grand invitation for some hardcore virtual window shopping.

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Editor's Note: Accompanying product descriptions are provided by the product's makers. Enjoy



Hurley: Phantom Julian Elite Men's Boardshort
Designed and tested around the unrelenting and uncompromising speed of Julian Wilson. The Phantom Julian Elite Men’s Boardshorts feature a responsive Livewire waistband that contracts when engaged for a lockdown fit at high speeds. A 19” modern performance fit ensures nothing gets in the way of you being your fastest. 

The Livewire waistband – a 4-way stretch base fabric with zig zag stitch tunnels encompassing a free floating rigid magwire – reacts as you move. The magwire contracts when engaged for a lockdown fit when you need it most. Phantom 60 percent fabric enhances mobility to keep you lightweight and comfortable. 19” modern fit sits just above your knee for a greater range of motion.


Firewire/Lost Round Nose Fish in TimberTek
The world’s all-time best selling fish model. Still goes fast, still allows hard carving turns, still allows a wide range of performance in varied surf, still paddles great…still makes you look good. Designed with low overall rocker and a central concave for lift, into a spiral vee in tail, for control. The RNF5 features a wider tail and 5 fin setup for playing with a multitude of fin options. …Everyone should own one.


Let's Party Traction: The Blair Conklin Pro Model 
The newest of new. The freshest of fresh. The Camo found in Blair’s new Pro Models were born of unicorns and gnarwhals.


OAM Lowers Back Pack
Product Name: Lowers Back Pack, Camo Color Way Made with durable water resistant lined polyester. Built in large wet compartment with synch & seal feature. Dry compartment. Padded ergonomic shoulder straps. Includes skate straps. Side pocket water bottle holder & synch. Felt lined Ipod, cell phone or sunglasses pocket. Tarpaulin lined wax pocket. Secret stash, side pocket. Quality YKK coiled zippers. Perfect for any surf mission.


OAM Alex Gray Signature Leash
6ft Regular, Alex Gray - Signature Leash Rasta Color Way OAM leashes include 2yr Warranty and made with quality materials. OAM Wave-Flex Technology leash end with maximum strength and flex. Stand-off leash end. Double layered, soft flexible, neoprene ankle cuff. Key Pocket. Easy grab pull-tab. Large, stainless steel, swivel. German urethane. Short, detachable rail savor. Available in - 5.5comp to 9f reg. Keeps you connected to shred sled.


OAM Taylor Knox Signature Pad
Red Color Way - Bolt Series Quality EVA material and strong waterproof 3mm blue. OAM Patented Animal Grip, diamond grid. Designed with a wall to grip your foot in place And a ramp allowing proper foot movement The right degree of hardness, grip texture for warm to cold water Innovation originals Since 1993 @onamissionsurf Grip it and rip it! #oamsurfsupplies  


ProLite SuperComp Leash
Need a new leash. We make leashes in multiple sizes and thicknesses for whatever your pleasure may be. All leashes feature double stainless swivels to keep the leash spinning smoothly and a recessed horn to reduce the pull on your ankle or knee. We have many different colors available to color coordinate perfectly with your Zinka sunscreen.


ProLite Cam Richards Traction
The Cam Richards Pro traction pad features a Micro-Dot groove pattern giving it a light weight, responsive feel. Micro-Dot traction absorbs less water and is less likely to rash your knees in tropical climates.
2 piece pad. Micro-dot groove texture. Pad length 315mm, width 316mm. Kick height 30mm. Flat pad, no arch.


The Smuggler Series Bag
1+1=3: The Smuggler Series bag is the perfect chance to save some money on your next trip. This bag was designed to hold 3 boards, but only show 2 when opened for that pre-flight check. A false bottom allows one board to always be hidden either way the bag is opened. This bag features a 600 Denier Poly material, 10mm AIR-LITE foam for added protection and molded #10 PK non-corrosive zippers to keep them from salting up. 


XSories Combo Big U-Shot / CordCam Wrist 
The special pack ‘’Big U-Shot + CordCam’’ has been designed to achieve new angles while keeping your camera secure, whatever the conditions, whether you’re surfing or skiing. Thanks to the 1/4” universal screw, you can connect any type of compact camera in a fast and secure way. Big U-Shot is easy to carry and quickly adjustable to the desired length. Available in various models. Cord Cam Leash Record securely in the most extreme conditions. Inspired by the surf leash, the cord cam is adaptable to all kinds of cameras thanks to a universal 1/4" screw thread. It features a Velcro closure, an inner pocket for your keys and a stretchable, ultra resistant urethane cord.
Big U-Shot Weight: 140g / 0.308 lb Dimensions: 290-940 mm / 11.42-37.01 inches Max. load: 3kg / 6.61 lb Materials: aluminium, plastic, foam
Cord Cam Leash Weight: 57g / 0.125 lb Min. diameter: 60 mm / 2.36 inches Cord length: 220 mm / 8.66 inches Materials: neoprene, Velcro, urethane, metal

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