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Surfilmfestibal diversifies lineup with more speakers



Film Updates

Big wave stories and urbanism hit new program

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 June, 2015 - This edition of the Surfilmfestibal dives deeper into surf culture with key figures attending from all over the globe. This year will host new categories and events such as Surf, Architecture and Urbanism,  while preparing for a tour around various surf meccas with the Surfilmfestibal program.


Surf, Architecture and Urbanism talks

Big Wave talks with Kohl Christensen, Ramón Navarro, Patch Wilson, Axi Muniain, Indar Unanue...

The exhibition: Surf, Civilization and Barbarism

Beach event called La Siguiente Ola, a tribute to surfing’s beginnings and popular surfing

Clean Waves, as always our environmental slot, this year talking on preservation, Mundaka and Punta de Lobos 

And films: La Primera Ola, Viejo Perro, El Hijo del Pescador, Nix Nic Nooley, and a great bunch of local and international shortfilms 



Chile: Ramón Navarro, Alvaro Abarca, Rodrigo Farías

Japan: Taro Tamai

US: Kohl Christensen, Chris Malloy, Kimi Werner, Kyle Thiermann, 

Europe: Patch Wilson, Tom Doigde Harrison, Bejamin Sanchis.

Portugal: Joao de Macedo, Bruno Garrudo (photographer)

Spain: Axi Muniain, Indar Unanue and directors Pedro Temboury, Koldo Almandoz, etc


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