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'Surfing and Sharks' world premiere a huge hit....


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'Surfing and Sharks' world premiere a huge hit....

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 December, 2011 : - - In South Africa between Durban and JBay lies approx 1000km of untaimed topographical and oceanic paradise, in the middle is the Wild Coast. For local surfers Lungani Memani, Andrew Lange and Avuyile Ndamase, it’s their home .

Every year in June the ocean swells to it’s peak, hosting the countries largest surf conditions and also becomes host to the sardine run bringing together a huge marine bio-diversity including many species of sharks.

This documentary goes up close with Pro Surfers Lungani, Andrew and Avuyile, their family’s traditions and tribulations along side a hand selected group of the best shark experts from the region to uncover the real secrets and stories that surround the shark stigma that exists in South Africa.

The Official World Premiere of this documentary was at the Wavescape Film Festival in Capetown, on 15th December 2011. See the report below



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Surfing and Sharks world premiere  Slideshow 

'What do you get when you add two cinemas, 8 blow-up sharks and 300 people?' asks Spike (Steven Pike) Director of the Wavescape Film Festival. This was after the world's first public screening of a unique film, Surfing and Sharks, dealing with a taboo subject for many surfers.

'You get the sold-out, vibey, intimate premiere of the film Surfing and Sharks at the Labia Cinema last night (December 15). The double full house (both cinemas were full) was testimony to the fascination that surfers have with sharks, but not only that, it also highlighted the fascination that the general public has with sharks and how surfers deal with being at the 'frontline' of interaction with this apex predator.'

Virtually the entire crew of the film turned out, including director Julian Watson and producer Joep Van Oppen who flew out from Australia and the Netherlands respectively. Also present were Peter and Georgina Verhoog, joint heads of the Save Our Seas Foundation who gave financial backing to the project. Nicky Greenwall from was spotted among the crowd, as were a host of pro, amateur, recreational and highway surfers.

Outside the crowd - a unique demographic blend of art, surf, and science - thronged and heaved, dispatching 25 cases of Grolsch and who knows how many packs of popcorn. There was something intimate and cosy as friends hung with friends.

Inside Cinema 1 and the overflow to Cinema 2, which was full, audiences hooted and cheered at the antics of the stars of the film, Andrew Roosta Lange, Avuyile Nsamase, and Lungani Memani, who were all present, the two Xhosa surfers having been flown by Wavescape especially for the premiere.

Spike thanked the sponsors Pick n Pay, as well as associate partners Save Our Seas Foundation, Rip Curl, Bos Iced Tea, Cape Town TV, GoPro, Men's Health, Cape Times and the Bomb Surf, becfore introducing co-producer Chris Mason from Wavescape who told the crowd a little bit about the project.

The film documents a surf trip in winter this year by the three as they travel the coast surfing, and talking about sharks and their experiences. Along the way, they score heaving 15' bombs on the South Coast, as well as sublime surf at a range of locations during this year's crazy purple patch of winter swell.

There is something gentle and moving about the film, interlaced with humour. It climaxes when the three go free-shark diving on the Aliwal Shoal.

Avuyile or "Avo" hails from Port St Johns, where his home break Second Beach is still closed after a disproportionate number of shark attacks in recent years. Avo lost his younger brother Zama to a Zambezi shark in January this year. This is the story we ran. He now lives in Port Elizabeth. Lungani was a development programme prodigy who hails from Port Alfred.

Chats with shark bite victims such as Andrew Carter, bitten at his home break Nahoon Reef, were juxtaposed with fascinating interviews with specialists such as ocean personality Olivia Symcox, shark scientist Alison Kock, veteran dive adventurer Mark Addison, Chris Nefferson of the KZN Sharks Board and Shark Angel founder Julie Anderson.

The movie attracted a huge amount of interest prior to the premiere, and social network sites were abuzz for weeks before.

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Labia Cinema, Cape Town Western Cape South Africa

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