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Surfing for Life Fd. launches cancer awareness program



Cancer Awareness

With purchase of teal colored wristband, all proceeds go toward charities fighting cancer

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 May, 2012 : - - Santa Barbara surfer Tom Brown is pleased to announce the launching of the Surfing For Life Foundation. Since being diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2008, he has made it his mission to spread education and awareness about cancer to the surfing community.

Overwhelmed by the support of family and friends, he was determined to give back and pay it forward.  “My sole purpose is to bring awareness and education about cancer to the surfing community,” states Brown.  The Surfing For Life Foundation is a grass roots, non-profit organization.  By aligning our foundation with surf shops around the country, I am able to accomplish this task.   With a $2.00 purchase, you receive a teal colored wristband.  All proceeds go toward charities devoted to fighting cancer.  The Surfing For Life Foundation’s first quarter distributions were distributed among six cancer organizations. 

Since its inception in January, there are now over 1600 wristbands in circulation.  They are distributed in 100 surf shops throughout the world.  “The positive response has been phenomenal,” states Brown, receiving re-orders on a constant basis.  Adding to that list, Brown recently returned from France and the U.K. spreading cancer awareness with several European shops now carrying his wristbands.

Traveling to the various surf shops, talking with shop owners and managers, the Foundation has one mission in mind: PREVENTION-one wristband at a time.  “My message is always the same: Get regular check-ups.  Prevention is key, but early-stage diagnosis almost always has a positive outcome,” states Brown.  “My dream is to have every surfer in the water wearing a Surfing For Life wristband.  The program is intended to remind us all to be pro-active in the fight against cancer.”

The Surfing For Life Foundation can be reached at (805) 331-3063 or by visiting


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Source: Surfing For Life

Author: Tom Brown

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