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Surfrider & company stop latest toll road through Trestles

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The Toll Road that just won't die might've actually died

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 November, 2016 - Like a B-Movie monster that keeps coming back after being killed, the toll road at Trestles reappears every couple of years after having been declared "dead."

The recurring proposal is to put another high-speed commuter road alongside the existing I5 connecting San Clemente with Northern San Diego County. This doesn't sound all bad until one realizes that to build this toll road engineers would have to anchor the footings of the structure through San Mateo Creek (which feeds the the reef at Trestles with rocks and sand, creating the famed break) and one of the last undeveloped wetlands in Southern California.

In an open letter to Surfrider supporters CEO Chad Nelson reiterated what the enviornmental group had acheived, with the help of the Save San Onofre Coalition, in the latest resurrection of the toll road monster.

"Today, the Surfrider Foundation, a proud member of the Save San Onofre Coalition, reached a settlement with toll road developers that guarantee that millions of Californians will be able to enjoy the park, its beaches and natural areas for years to come.

For more than 15 years, California's Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) has been trying to build a toll road that would run through one of the most visited and beloved state parks in California - San Onofre State Beach.

The toll road would have destroyed thousands of acres of open space that contain endangered species, polluted the watershed, and ultimately, destroyed the waves of the world-renowned surf spot, Trestles.

This comes from a culmination of years of work by Save San Onofre Coalition. Not only will the agreement ensure the protection of the extraordinary recreational, cultural and natural resources of San Onofre State Beach, Trestles will forever be protected and enjoyed.

Our Save Trestles campaign saw victory after victory on the many battles to fight off the TCA in building the toll road through the state park and Trestles watershed. Those were in large part due to people like you who stood up for what they love.

For example, in 2008, nearly 4,000 people attended a California Coastal Commission hearing and again another 3,500 coastal defenders joined a Secretary of Commerce hearing in opposition of the toll road threatening San Onofre State Beach.

Time and time again, the TCA tried to get approval for the road.  Because we had an army of members, supporters and partners and most importantly, you, standing with us for every victory, those victories helped us arrive where we are today - achieving this landmark settlement to forever save Trestles. Today, stand with us again, and be proud of all you have done. We won. Long Live Trestles"

¨ CEO, Surfrider Foundation Chad Nelson


Chad Nelson

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