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Surftech to launch new surf collection at Surf Expo



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Surftech also unveils new Limited One Year Warranty on all boards

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 January, 2017 - Carlsbad - Surftech Board Manufacturing Company is stoked to let the cat (actually multiple cats) out of the bag on January 26, 2017, opening day of the Surf Expo show in Orlando, Florida. Surftech will announce new partnerships, technologies, and launch 20 new models.

 “The team at Surftech has been working overtime with many of the most relevant shapers and brands in a never-ending effort to advance the art of technologies used in today’s boards. The goal is to bring game changing performance and reliability to everyday surfers like you and me.” says John Vance, CEO at Surftech.

“Our breakthrough Dual Core technology is a construction that combines the best attributes of PU and EPS foam, then partnered with proven shapes designed by master shapers. The team has re-vamped all of our graphics and colors to add variety and a more individualized feel. We are also super stoked to bring back the legendary Tuflite technology in a new modern form that is sure to please as well.  Tuflite is one of the most reliable technologies in surfing and it’s back!” says John.

VP of Sales at Surftech Ryan Guay talked about how the new line tapped the company's 20-year history.

“We looked at nearly 20 years of selling history, the current offerings at retail, and the demands we have had from our loyal customers to design this new line-up. We also wanted to make sure every model was targeted at a specific type of surfer, minimize the overlap and the me-too shapes.” says Ryan Guay. “This way retailers can offer more variety with fewer SKU’s. That brings focus, a story, and a higher return on the retailer’s investment. We are also super excited to announce the launch of our new Limited One Year Warranty on all our boards.  Come see me or any of our reps at Surf Expo or contact your local rep for more details," says Ryan Guay, VP Sales at Surftech.  


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