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Surftech names 2016 lineup of boards to debut at Surf Expo



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Surftech expands on Every Man's Quiver, Takayama and NSP offerings

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 January, 2016 - Surftech kicks off 2016 at the Surf Expo Trade Show January 14th-16th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida with the official relaunch of the Donald Takayama Collection, the introduction of Surftech’s signature series, the EMQ. These two additions complement the new TLPC line of boards and the recent addition of NSP to the Surftech family of brands.

Donald Takayama and Surftech worked together for over 20 years before his passing on October 22, 2012. That relationship, built on trust and a shared commitment to produce the highest quality product that would complement Donald’s designs and perpetuate his legacy, is renewed with the Takayama family in 2016 with the release of three of his most iconic and proven designs.

“Donald believed in the technology, quality and consistency of the boards from Surftech and the boards that they did together are still being surfed today. Being able to reestablish this relationship and see this collection of boards come to life is a great way to honor his legacy and ensure that surfers around the world are getting the quality that Donald was known for” said Diane Takayama.

The EMQ line—Every Man’s Quiver—is the fusion of the best from Surftech’s 25+ years of board design with their intense and constant focus on material and construction technology innovation. Every EMQ board is designed to deliver on performance, durability and pure stoke, whether at an exotic reef break halfway around the world or the local sandbar down the street.

Surftech CEO Chris Dunn states “The EMQ line is the beginning of a new direction for Surftech, a direction that combines cutting edge composite technology, proven designs and quality craftsmanship to bring together a collection of boards for surfers everywhere. Built in our latest HD-E and Power Flex construction methods, these boards are the first in a series of technologies we will be introducing throughout the next year to meet the demands of our customers and support our retail partners.”

The 2016 NSP surf lineup embodies the namesake elements of the brand—Nature, Science, Passion—in new shapes and refinements to proven designs in their proprietary Elements, E2 and Cocomat construction technologies that have made NSP synonymous with durability and value in over 80 countries around the world. Additionally, NSP is eager to introduce a completely new range of handpicked board designs from master shaper Kym Thompson in fresh, contemporary resin tint colors and timeless deep gloss finishes.

When asked about release of the new line, Kym replied “With so many NSP customers going on to add custom boards to their quivers, we decided to create a full line of shapes in traditional hand-laid PU construction. I selected a handful of my trademark designs from over 45 years of shaping experience and went a little crazy with color. We wanted to infuse some fun into this new line and the boards turned out beautiful. I hope you, the surfers out there like them as much as I do!”

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