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Surreal scenes in Tenerife at Volcom Stone Lavafish event

Junior winners : photo courtesy Volcom

VQS Lavafish

Volcom Qualifying Series
Punta Hidalgo, Tenerife
6 - 7 February 2010

High mountains and winding streets frame unique surfing event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 February, 2010 : - - I always enjoy the Lavafish event in Tenerife as it is surroundings are surreal you have this amazing lush green mountains soaring direct out of the Atlantic ocean with dark rock bay’s that curve again till the next one of many and in the distance you have the Teide mountain top covered in snow proud of being the highest mountain in Spain.

This spot also has such a warm local feel with a one way winding street that ends up in a dead end at a local fishing port with a local restaurant with amazing tapas and of course fresh seafood. We have permission to use the space that is usually covered with small fishing boats. We had checked the maps and the weather wasn’t looking good for Sunday so we there to set up at dark to be sure to finished the event on Saturday.

We started to to organize the format and decided to start on the main spot El Roquete with the grom’s and Juniors followed by the girls and ran a double podium on the other side of the port and started with the first round of the open’s at La Bajeta.This spot break’s further outside and had some nice one that push all the way towards the harbor wall over the scattered rocks and some also double up reforms that ran along the side of the natural rock swimming pool.

Highlights at this spot was Jonathan G who tried to finished one wave from the outside and ended up in front of the rocks and dealing with the backwash off the wall and the swimming pool with people meters away in ore. After completing the open round one the rest of the contest was held at El Roquete on the left that wraps around the rocks and into the bay.
We all ate sandwiches from Fresquisimos an all Canarian company with the sandwiches fresh with many different toppings and all made here in the Tenerife. There were games played with the usual hit with the ketchup and mustard bottles being used on human canvases and to the best Artist/canvas team goes the prize, with also the pickled onion eating jar game which always catches even the strong hearted with the feeling is it even possible?

The Groms finals was the first of the bunch and with the waves being a little less consistent than the morning rounds there were still some nice lefts that made their way to the black rolling stones of the shore break. Josemi Mentado worked the lefts with solid cutbacks stronger than his size to take the win and the Lavafish bowl trophy in first, with Will Davey solid backside taking second in front of Ivan Gonzalez in third and little Yael Pena in the fourth position.

Juniors was a close one with Kosme Fernandez proving the strongest in the end just pushing ahead in first leaving Javier Ascanio behind him in second with Kai Garcia going to France for the Euro championships in third happily and Fran Diaz in the fourth spot.

The women’s final was taken out by Davinia Vidal linking turns on her backside for victory ahead of Monica Diaz front side attack in second, trailing in third was Brenda Molina and Natalia Flores rounding out the final in fourth.

Open men’s was interesting too with Jonathan (Where is my money) Gonzalez smooth and strong and in first position and the win in front of Gonzalo Zubizarreta flowing in second just ahead of the Jose Maria attack for third and followed by Matias Hernandez unlucky to find the waves in fourth but with one of the ones he did he spun a BS 180 air to take the Electric visual Voltrower move of the day and is now wired for sound with Area 7 headphones for his listening comfort .



1.Josemi Mentado
2.Will Davey
3.Ivan Gonzalez
4.Yael Pena
1.Kosme Fernandez
2.Javier Ascanio
3.Kai Garcia
4.Fran Diaz
1.Davinia Vidal
2.Monica Diaz
3.Brenda Molina
4.Natalia Flores
1.Jonathan Gonzalez
2.Gony Zubizarreta
3.Jose Maria Cabrera
4.Matias Hernandez

Electric Volthrower move of the day awarded to:
Matias Hernandez

Thank you’s and support go to the Council de La Laguna , Vilaita, Zirke, Sergio Villalba, Fresquisimos sandwiches,Pena family. Surf School of El Roquete. Aerial7 and Electric.


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