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Swap & Surf taps local knowledge bases

Swap & Surf office in Southwest France



Surf Travel

A platform for surfers and all outdoor enthusiasts

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 June, 2014 - While S&s founders were working on, they realized that surfers, like themselves, were also involved in other outdoor activities. They wanted to group all these outdoor activities to give maximum flexibility, create bridges between all activities (surf, rock climbing, sailing, hiking, skating, etc).

As Sylvain said, S&s co-founder : “ We had in mind a main idea. When you travel, the important thing is not to see a place, it’s to live it “ and it’s even better if you can lower the costs.

Because they were raised in the South West of France, in between the mountains and the ocean, they know that the best travel agent you can find is a local. A life dedicated to outdoor activities taught them that such a network will allow to fulfil trips you couldn’t have gone on otherwise
First, they created swap & surf, an active community of surfers willing to host each other, exchange living space or event rent it (more than 60 countries linked). Now, they are ready to widen the choice of activities by creating an unique platform, (click here), with 68 other activities (snowboard, skate, trail running, diving, etc). In order to launch the idea, they started on june 15th a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo




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