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Swell delivers on Day 1 of Durban Surf Carnival

Deon Boseman SUP Open division © Dave Nisbet



Durban Surf Carnival

New Pier, Durban South Africa
6 - 8 June 2014

New Pier Beach provides swell for first rounds

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 June, 2014 - With over a 168 surfers descending on Durban’s Golden Mile for the 12th edition of the Durban Surf Carnival presented by Jeep Apparel.

Surfers who participated for the first day of the competition where met by a 1 metre swell with a fresh south west blowing at the New Pier Beach.

A number of favourites from the various surfing disciples making their way to the 3rd round of heats are: Justin Bing (WP), Brandon Ribbink (DBN), Thomas King (WP), Brad Weare (DBN), Wade Brodowicz (DBN).

Longboard Open: Justin Bing, Alfonso Peters, Ethan Pentz, Gareth Jones, Brad Weare, Tyra Cooper, Sam Christiansen, Damien Stander, Thomas King, Wade Brodowicz, Jago England, Bradd Gilmour

Retro Surfing: Justin Maisch, Ethan Koopmans, Ethan Pentz, Alfonso Peters, Deon Bing, Sam Christiansen, Damien Stander, Justin Bing,

SUP Open: Brandon Ribbink, Gary van Rooyen, Dave Maxwell, Thomas King, Deon Bosman, Jon Ivons, Ethan Koopmans, Tyron Cooper, Brian Roberts, Dean Botcher, Brendon Malan, Charles Marx, Peter Petersen, Joshua Roberson, Anton Kock, Ethan Pentz, Grant Roberts, Ashley Bernard, Grantley Reid, Tom Hewitt, Kimon Dos Santos, Justin Bing, Matt Maxwell, Nicki Carstens

SUP Over 45: Nicki Carstens, Dave Maxwell, Brandon Reid, Gary van Rooyen, Peter Petersen, Deon Bosman, Grandley Reid, Fred Le Roux

SUP Junior (Round 2 Saturday): Ethan Koopmans, Kimon Dos Santos.

Catch all the action tomorrow, (Saturday, June 7) starting at 07h00. The Durban Surf Carnival presented by Jeep Apparel is free to the public to watch with a free SNAP SHOT Photographic Competition which is open to all to enter, as well as the free surfing clinic and for the ladies, a free self defense demo & clinic.

Steven Brown

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