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Taiwan Open of Surfing gets upgraded to QS1500 status

Jordy Lawler © ASP/Will H-S




Taiwan Open of Surfing 

World Surf League QS1500 Men's event
World Surf League LQS Men's event
World Surf League LQS Women's event
Jinzun Harbour, Taitun Taiwan
25 - 29 November 2015

Men’s and Women’s LQS Divisions to run with men's shortboard QS1500

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 November, 2015 - Taitung, Taiwan - The Taiwan Open of Surfing hosted by Taitung County Government will once again include men’s and women’s Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) divisions as well as an upgrade to a QS1500 men’s shortboard division.

Taitung County Governor Justin Huang has been the strongest supporter of the event and instrumental in firstly bringing the WSL to Taiwan three years ago, and now upgrading the event to QS1,500 level.

“Throughout these years, we have successfully in attracted more surfers coming to Taitung, particularly the young generation. Right now, we are going to put more effort on it. This will be a tremendous help of developing the surfing industry in Taiwan. No doubt, it is a great opportunity for experienced and new surfers not only to learn from each other, to establish the friendship, but also to see the nature beauty of Taitung.” said Governor Justin Huang.

Yu-Hao Yang, local surfer from Taitung, ranks the first place in Taiwan’s ranking system and is excited to see the WSL QS return to his hometown and will be looking to do his best to improve and do his country proud in the event.

“As more and more international surfing professionals join us in the WSL event, we can see that this event has slowly become one of the most important events for the Taiwanese in Taiwan,” Yang said. “It is only through either participating or watching the competition live, on the scene, then people could quickly get a hold of first-hand information regarding surfing in all aspects, from skills and techniques to newest updates from the WSL. Thanks again to Taitung for hosting this awesome international event.”

Chang Hsiu Yun will be looking to take to the water to compete against and learn from some of the best longboard surfers in the world at this year’s Taiwan Open of Surfing. As this year’s event is only a week out from the Jeep World Longboard Championships, many of the WLC surfers are expected to attend and compete as a warm up for the World Title event.

“It is great to have this opportunity to surf with best female surfers in the world, also very happy to let everybody know Taiwan has world class surf spot, see you guys at Taitung.” Yun said. 

WSL Australasia Tour Manager Will Hayden-Smith is very much looking forward to returning to Taiwan for the last QS event of the 2016 season for the Australasia Region.

“Taiwan is home to incredible waves and this year has seen quite a few typhoons already so I’m looking forward to the event scoring some great waves,” Hayden-Smith said. “Thanks very much to Governor Justin Huang and the Taiwanese surfing community for welcoming the WSL back for another year, the waves, the hospitality, the food all make Taiwan one of my favourite places to visit.”

Taiwanese events company Peace Marketing run many globally recognised events and have helped in hosting multiple Taiwan Open of Surfing previously. Bruce Zheng, General Manager of Peace Marketing is more than excited to once again assist in bringing a selection of the world’s best surfers to Taiwan. 

“This is the 4th year in which Peace has continuously committed itself in making the beautiful coastline of Taitung to be seen by the surfers around the world. As the surfing industry is growing stronger at a rapid pace not only in the overseas, but also in Taiwan, it is Kathy Tang the event director and my goal to organize such an event so great that bringing local surfers and international surfers together here at Jinzun to ignite some sort of spark.  After these years of hosting Taiwan of Surfing, I believe that the wave spot here at Jinzun is underrated. This is where all top surfers should have at least surfed once in a lifetime. And I look forward to taking this surfing event to the next level with all the professionals.”

The Taiwan Open of Surfing hosted by Taitung county Government and ECNSAA (East Coast National Scenic Area Administration of Tourism Bureau)

Will Hayden-Smith

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