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Tandem surfing gets some air time in Australia

Caleb and Lily © Tenplay
Caleb and Lily © Tenplay



Tandem Updates 

A young brother and sister tandem surf on TV

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 August, 2014 - Caleb and Lily, from the Sunny Coast in Australia, were the main attention of the Tandem surfing special Totally Wild tv show this Winter. Aged 10 and 12, the sister and brother like to tandem surf little waves in Summer and learn new lifts from Fred and Lily. The TV Show was a great way to promote the fun of the sport of Tandem Surfing, and having original remote controlled quadri-copter camera views of their rides.

Tandem Surfing exhibitions go off in clean surf

The annual Noosa Festival of Surfing featured two Tandem Surfing exhibitions on nice and clean knee to head high waves. The local couples showcased their talent and moves for the joy of thousands of spectators, on the opening and the final day of the competition. 

This year, Fred and Lily from Kings Beach, Sunshine Coast, came with their friends and performed their favorite lifts: "Arm to Arm", "Attitude", "Arabesque". Jesse and Jessica, regulars of the festival since 2011, made a nice "Keaulana" and other moves. The young April and her shortboard coach, Ben "Silky", from the Windansea Boardriders of Caloundra, caught clean and fast waves, with a very graceful "Nalu" lift.

They only had a couple of practice sessions before the event, and the smile on their faces while riding together First Point shown how much fun they got! The big surprise of this year was the uncommon Harry & Harry best mates couple who surfed peeling waves on a 12 foot long single fin cruiser (shaped by Thomas Surfboards), wearing leopard, tight, office shoes and helmet.

Their original moves "Head stand wheelbarrow" or "Koala backpack" were well tuned, and incredibly funny! This comedy act got filmed and edited for the short movie "Puddle Neptune 2". 


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