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Tasmanian shark encounter injures board, not surfer

White shark © Brock/WikiCommons



Shark Updates

Encounter happens during bad day of surf at Nettley Bay

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 February, 2016 - Surfing Tasmania has reported that a confirmed shark encounter has occurred at Nettley Bay in Marrawah today. No one was injured in the encounter but teeth marks were left in the surfer’s board.

“He had been surfing with a friend when the 3 metre shark attacked from below in murky water, knocking him off his board,” said Surfing Tasmania adding that the surf at Nettley Bay was pretty bad with onshore breezes and small waves. 

The type of shark involved in the encounter has not been identified.

Nettley Bay is a popular spot with a series of peaks along a 1.5 kilometre long beach. 

“Surfing Tasmania advises all surfers to stay out of the surf at Nettley's Bay today and be extra vigilant over coming days if surfing there.”

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