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Taylor Steele talks about influences, state of surf films




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mesurf talks Snatch, Seven, Fightclub & surf films with Taylor Steele

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 August, 2009 : - - Taylor Steele is the big daddy-o, The godfather, The Big gun. He's the filmmaker Dane Reynolds—Dane Reynolds for fuck sake: the raddest surfer on the planet—would probably drop everything to make a chai latte for, if he so requested, and mesurf got to have a chat with him.

We doubt Taylor drinks chai lattes. But we don't doubt he makes frickin great surf flicks and pretty much everyone else agrees. Check out Sipping Jetstreams, Trilogy and Stranger Than Fiction. Turn on your DVD player and, if you're down on the quality of your local beach-break, get amped about surfing again.

Taylor's movies amp like no others we reckon. Not just because, like some freakish cool hunter from Manhattan or whatever, he knows who's “now” and progressive and packs them like ammo into his films (Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds, Dion Agius, Julian Wilson), but his movies amp so good because they're fast-paced and loud and bright and rapid fire. Oh, they're funny too…

Mesurf had a quick chat with Taylor about the current state of surf films, what has him stoked and where it’s heading. Here’s a little snap shot of what to expect…

What's your approach to making a surf film; I mean, what do you think people want to see?
Producing surf movies is a very personal thing for me and it’s the creative side of what I am trying to express. I’m thankful there is market for various styles of movies as it can get boring to do the same thing over and over. Once I do one kind of style I get inspired to try something different. Different people like different genres so its all personal taste I suppose.  

Do you think the majority of surf flicks are delivering these things?
I think there is a good selection of titles on the market. They all vary from one to the next. I wouldn’t say majority of the surf movies deliver on quality but overall it’s a much better level and variety than ever before. 
What are your favorite surf movies?
I love Chris Bystrom’s Beyond Blazing Boards and Billabong’s Surf into Summer. Why? Great soundtracks and they remind me of my grommet days.

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