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Tested: So how does that Rip Curl GPS watch work anyhow?



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SImple to setup & use, but could benefit from a how-to guide

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 February, 2015 - At first some hard core surf dogs will scoff at the technology, but soon after a couple questions they’re hooked. For me I was interested right away and couldn’t wait to try it out. 

The GPS surf watch by Rip Curl was a huge project and I commend them for achieving success. They had to collaborate with an app company and communicate specific measurements for tracking a surfer’s movements in the water. Hats off to them for pulling it off. 

The watch is fairly simple to use and the directions that come with the watch are very straight forward. My only complaint is that there aren’t any trouble shooting tips on the directions making them a little too simple. My first time using the watch on my own I wasn’t sure if the session was recording or not.

The screen just said “Go Surf” and didn’t give me any indication that it was working properly. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just kept hitting the main side button and hoped for the best. After I caught my first wave some information populated and it magically started working. So for a user tip I’d say make sure you get the screen that has the timer with wave stats on it so you know it’s engaged. 



Setting up the watch and syncing the watch to the phone was all very simple and easy to do. It was really cool to see all the stats from my session up on the app in a matter of seconds. The watch records how fast you were going, how far you paddled, how long you surfed and how many waves you caught.

The app is integrated with Magicseaweed for a built in surf report for the day you were surfing. After you sync your watch with the app you get all your surf stats from the watch combined with the surf report from the app all logged into one full report of your surf session. The one thing that the watch doesn’t tell you is at what point on the wave were you going the fastest. I’m still curious if I get more speed down the line, dropping in or coming out of a turn. Maybe we’ll see that in the Rip Curl GPS watch 2.0.

I really like how you can follow other people including your Facebook friends and Rip Curl’s pro surfers. The only tricky thing about the app is it’s not intuitive as to how to find and follow people. It’s fairly easy to find Rip Curl athletes and your Facebook friends, but it’s not easy to find and follow people like it is on Twitter or Instagram. Having a search feature inside the app to find other surfers in your area to follow would be a nice added feature. 

The price point on the watch is pretty high, but I’d say it’s worth the money. Having a surf log available online at all times is a really cool item to have.  The app has a built in share feature to Facebook so you can upload your surfs to share with all your friends and family. I know my friends have found it to be pretty cool to see, especially my friends and family that don’t surf. 

All in all, it’s a fun tool that’s easy to use and I’d recommend the watch for anyone who is into keeping a surf log. 

Nicole Grodesky

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