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Travel Blogs: Summer's top destinations for tube time

Skeleton Bay from Jason Hearn's 'The Africa Project'



Travel Blogs

Red Bull picks top six wave destinations for 2016 travel

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 May, 2016 - The foks over at Red Bull just released a 'six pick' of travel destinations for the A-list wavehunters out there. Which spots made the cut? Among the obvious destinations like the Mentawai Islands and Cloudbreak there were a few surprises like Skeleton Bay and a fickle Japanese rivermouth.

So read on, courtesy of Red Bull Surfing

From Namibia to Japan, we’ve got you covered if you want to get barreled. Ready to snub the sub-par surf trip and throw yourself over the ledge and into one of those dreamy barrels that are popping up daily on your Insta feed? Okay, yes, Kelly Slater's tube pool looks like a dream machine, but you're a traditionalist. You want natural waves. Well then, we suggest setting your sights on these six world class drainers, if a little shade is what you're after this summer.

1. Skeleton Bay

Location: Namibia, Africa
Wave: Left
Bottom: Sand

Revealed to the world less than a decade ago, Skeleton Bay's green, spinning left handers have been mesmerising us ever since. It should be noted that Slater has been toiling away at his wave pool for as long as Skeleton Bay has been known – and while you've been waiting for the pool to open, Skeleton Bay has been spinning out jewel after jewel for free. Just beware: this wave isn't easy. But who cares about a few beat-downs once you've locked into one of those gorgeous, endless tubes?

2. Puerto Escondido

Location: Mexico, North America
Wave: A-frame
Bottom: Sand

Behold the Mexican Pipeline. Because it's a beach break, with no real trusty channel, Puerto Escondido can be one of the most terrifying waves to surf in the world one minute, and the next one of the most glorious. The good news is that it's not an XXL horror show every day. In fact, throughout the Northern Hemisphere summer, there are plenty of days for those of us who are not insane – normal or giant, Puerto Escondido is always hollow.

Mentawais © Hannah Fletcher


3. Mentawai Islands

Location: Sumatra, Indonesia
Wave: Lefts, rights
Bottom: Coral reef

So, we're bending the rules a bit  here, since the Mentawai Islands host dozens of mind-blowing barrels on a daily basis. Where to start? Macaronis, Lances, Greenbush, Telescopes... the list goes on. Sure, the Mentawais are no secret anymore, and you're guaranteed to be sharing its best waves with packs of other frothed-up boat trippers. But what hasn't changed is the fact that just one deep, foamball-teasing tube can make the hassle worth it.

4. Cloudbreak

Location: Fiji
Wave: Left
Bottom: Coral reef

Once the private domain of Tavarua Island Resort, today Cloudbreak is open to the world. Hooray freedom! Well, except for the crowds. Nevertheless, Cloudbreak, which sits several miles off Fiji's main island of Viti Levu, can still be somewhat empty on better days, since it is, by every inch, a double black diamond wave. The line-up can be confusing, and the long, near-vertical wall standing up before you intimidating, but putting in the time to get comfortable with Cloudbreak can yield the tube of your life.

Josh Kerr at The Box © WSL/Cestari


5. The Box

Location: West Oz, Australia
Wave: Right
Bottom: Reef slab

While we're talking double black diamonds, let's head to The Box, shall we? In addition to its entirely unforgiving drop, The Box happens to play host to frequent white shark sightings – look no further than Kanoa Igarashi and other Tour surfers' run-in at the recent Margaret River event for evidence. For all its fierceness, however, The Box is one of the most celebrated slabs on the planet, and a made tube here is one to brag about anytime.

6. Kaifu Rivermouth

Location: Shikoku, Japan
Wave: Right
Bottom: Sand

Curve ball! Look, Japan's gotten a bad wrap. This has a lot to do with old memories from the World Tour, when competitors were forced to surf wind-slop on the island of Chiba, near Tokyo. While it's true that Japan isn't that great a lot of the time, it's also true that when a typhoon starts spinning offshore, the waves light up from one end of the country's East coast, to the other. So, if you're in the mood for some storm chasing, head to the island of Shikoku, where you will find Kaifu Rivermouth and a real nice barrel section. And, here's another tip: Kaifu isn't the only place in Japan holding tubular gold.


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