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Tiago Pires wins the Nixon Surf Challenge in Spain

Tiago Pires event champion : photo courtesy

Nixon Surf Challenge

Presennted by Enties

Donostia, San Sebastian, Basque Coutry, Spain

17 - 19 September 2004

Tiago Pires wins the fifth Nixon Surf challenge

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 September 2004: - - For the fifth consecutive year the Nixon Surf Challenge, presented by Etnies came to Playa Zurriola in San Sebastian, on 17th –18th September 2004. And as with previous competitions, there was a real mix of surfers - from the WQS warriors battling there way up the rankings such as Tiago Pires and Miky Picon, to the freesurfers like Benjamin Sanchis and The Malloys who make the Nixon Surf Challenge the only competition of the year.

With two days to run the competition there was no stress, and the emphasis was on relaxing and enjoying ambience with friends. Friday saw clean small waves, but the surfers all agreed that it would be better to wait for the swell which was predicted for the following day.

Once this decision was made and the waiting was over, the day was spent soaking up the mellow Basque vibes and munching ‘pinxos’. Despite the small waves some great surfing could be witnessed, with a standout performance coming from a local speedo-wearing longboarder. Some of our more pro-active pros decided it would be a good idea to personally invite all the women in the vicinity to the official event party that was to be held the following evening.

The following day better surf allowed the competition to start. Our stateside visitors Jon Rose and Keith Malloy both fell in the first round, leaving Dan Malloy to carry the flag for the US. Keith went on to judge the rest of the competition and unfortunately his brother Dan was edged out in the first semi-final where the might of the Europeans Tiago, Fredo and Julian Cuello, playing on home turf, could not be overcome.

A euro-fabulous final saw Tiago Pires continue his perfect run of victories to take home the trophy. Second place went to last year’s winner Miky Picon, with Fredo Robin settling in third and Axier Munian in fourth.

As the sun set on San Sebastian the eclectic mix of surfers headed into the night together. Friends reunited once again from all corners of the globe, joined by one simple passion – a love for surfing.

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